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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dream Glow Kit

Hello! I'm coming with a new post. It has been three weeks since my last one. I'm doing my best to show you something new every week, but those last weeks I invested a bit into learning and trying new things. I want to diversify a bit showing you actual make up looks instead of uploading a new product post regularly. Last, but not at least, quality is what really matters. If you want to be up to date on my works in progress, please, visit my social sites. You can click on them up in the right corner.

Today, I'll be reviewing a highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It's their newest Glow Kit. If you remember, I've an another palette review (Aurora) from this brand, so I can compare them. Let's take a look!

Price: 46£ - 47€ - 45$

Weight: 6x4.5g

The packaging is bigger than the other Anastasia Beverly Hills's highlighter palettes, but the weight of the product is the same as the other Glow Kits. I don't understand why, but the Dream is pricier than the brand's other highlighter products. The palette doesn't include a brush or mirror.

It has a holographic case which is made of cardboard. The Dream palette has a practical magnetic closure, just like the Aurora.

The Dream Glow Kit contains 6 shades of highlighting powder.

Wish - peach with gold and pink reflect;

Unicorn - pink with lavender reflect;

Magic - silver with pink, gold, red and blue reflect;

Ethereal - lavender with blue reflect;

Sunshine - gold with lavender reflect;

Regal - rose gold with gold reflect.

The Magic and the Ethereal are very similar shades. When I made a swatch on my arm I realised that those six shades the palette comes with are different levels of pink. I was a little bit disappointed. I'm not obsessed with pink colour so much so I expected a better range. Regal is definitely my favourite shade.

I used a Zoeva brush (129/LUXE FAN) for blending out the shades. I need to say that despite the palette having a massive glittery base it comes off easily with any make up remover.

I can recommend the Dream Glow Kit to girls who love pink without a need of a wide range of colours.

The product is cruelty-free and vegan.

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