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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lip Palette

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Hello! I'm coming with my first post in 2019. I wish Happy New Year to everyone.

I wanted to buy this palette for more than a year, but I was lucky this Christmas and received it as a family gift. I'm here today with this new article about Lip Palette from ABH which will describe the product in detail.

I waited more than a week to test it, because I wanted to show you the product in full beauty having my boyfriend taking photos of it, before trying it out.

Price: 48£ - 55€ - 48$

Weight: 18x0.8g

The Lip Palette contains 18 shades. The product includes a mixing plate, a dual-ended lip brush and spatula.

The brush in this palette is very useful, the bristles are as soft as it's needed. It's important to draw precise lines on lips and fortunately this included brush managed to do it very well and you don't need to buy an additional one if you aren't pro make-up artist. The spatula is on the other end of the brush and is shaped very well. The mixing plate is sturdy and well exploitable. It's an essential and indispensable tool when using the palette.

Why would anybody need a palette like this? The best part of having this palette in your set is that you can mix any colour you can imagine enabling you to create looks you wouldn't be able to do with just one lipstick set. The lip shades have a creamy formula and good pigmentation and they're easy to apply, but on the other hand they are not as long-lasting as the rest of the brand's lipstick. This wasn't bothering me, because matte lipsticks are not for everyone. The reason anybody would buy this product is not because they search for a 24/7 lasting lip but because of the colour range it offers.

Nobody will use this palette early in the morning (neither do I). I don't think there is a lot of people on this planet who have enough time to clean the brush, spatula and plate during the week and of course don't forget that you need to mix the shades to come up with the desired colour. One would say it's easy to mix up two or three shades but it's not. I will do my best to update this post with a table showing the combination of colours to show you how to get great colour range out of this palette.

This is not a must-have palette and you can definitely live without it. I can recommend it to professional makeup artists. I'm going to use it mainly during photo shoots and on clients with extra make up requests.

The product is cruelty-free and vegan.

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