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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Matte Lipstick

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Hi! In my first blogpost I reviewed liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills and today I'm going to review their matte lipsticks. Their liquid lipsticks are one of the best on the market right now and that's why I'm so eager and curious to try those.

What is the point where the quality meets the required level? When the lipstick is pigmented, long-lasting and doesn't dry out our mouth. I've high expectations, but we'll see how it performs.

Price: 18£ - 21.50€ - 18$ (Normal) / 22£ - 23€ -21$ (Mini set)

Weight: 3.5g / 4x1.3g

The matte lipsticks are available in 36 shades they also have mini lipstick sets (the ones I've tested for you).

Nude Matte Lipstick Set: Soft Pink, Kiss, Spice, Dead Roses.

Pink Matte Mini Lipstick Set: Cotton Candy, Stargazer, Plumeria, Orchid.

These sets are limited editions.

The packaging looks beautiful as always (it's enough to look at the pictures). The cap of the lipstick is glossy black coloured and the brand label is printed on the top. The tube is gold combined with glossy black parts and the brand's logo is printed on the tube. It isn't transparent, and if you want to check the colour of the lipstick it's labeled at the bottom of the tube.

The shape of the product itself is regular, which helps in the precise application.

As mentioned above I've tested the mini sets only, which I think is a really good choice. I had a chance to try more colours this way. I tried 8 shades and I can say that they're all extra pigmented.

The lipstick has a great formula and it stays on the lips for a long time. The product is dry and quite dense, but don't worry, it isn't drying. Thanks to this formula this matte lipstick is almost as long-lasting as their liquid lipsticks. Pretty good from a small matte lipstick, don't you think? The drawback of the dry long lasting formula is the more difficult time consuming application (not a lifetime, just some seconds or a minute). For easy application, I recommend to use lip balm before applying the lipstick. I'm using this trick only when I have to hurry, but of course it is not so long-lasting in this case. 

I'm pleased with these lipsticks and I can only recommend them. They've met my highest expectations and requirements.

All of these products are cruelty-free and vegan.

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