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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Waterproof Créme Color

Welcome to my new post! I decided to publish on Monday this time. My weekend was full of different activities so I decided to delay it by one day. For the sake of diversity I chose to share a product review with you, instead of showing you a new makeup look again. In the future I will bring you more posts about skin care and in a more distant future I will do my best to make a more personal section covering stories from my life as a make-up artist and who knows, maybe something more ;)

What is missing from my blog? The product with a only purpose of drawing eye lines. It's a very important and an often used beauty product in the world of makeup.

Today, I'm trying to cover this hole and show you one of the eye liners I use. If I'm correct, from this moment you'll be able to find a review for all the major products usually used for creating the best makeup looks.

Price: 18£ - 23€ - 18$

Weight: 4g

The Waterproof Créme Color is available in 3 colours.

Honey - beige;

Jet - black;

Sable - dark brown.

It comes in a pot, which looks like the Dipbrow Pomade (also from ABH). What you get is the same amount for the same price. It's application requires a brush. I can recommend you a brush from Zoeva (317/WING LINER). The brush allows you to easily control how much of the eyeliner is placed on the eyes. You need to clean the brush every time, it is mandatory if you want to make perfectly thin lines. The other reason is the benefit to your client as a hygienic precaution.

The first thing I noticed is that it's very easy and what is more important, also quick to work with it. The product is well pigmented and has a creamy texture, but don't worry, it dries fast. Maybe too fast for someone... The Waterproof Créme Color stays in place all day without smudging. I like to use it on waterline, because it doesn't come down easily. This is a better choice than a pen or pencil. I recommend the brown shade for a more natural effect.

It can be used on eyelids, too. If you don't like powdery eyeshadows, you have to give it a try. For those who don't have much time to make a perfect makeup everyday, I recommend to use it as a partial replacement of eyeshadows. It's easy to smear it on the eye. Apply it with finger or brush and shade it with a little bit powder based eyeshadow, but really just a little bit, do not overcorrect. Be aware that it comes off with an oily makeup remover only.

I need to mention that it's not a cheap product, but it'll last you months.

I can recommend this product, if you are looking for a super pigmented creamy eyeliner that will stay on and last long.

The product is cruelty-free and vegan.

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Thank you for reading my blog!

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