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Beautyblender - Chill

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Welcome to my new post. As I mentioned last week, I'll be reviewing the Chill sponge from Beautyblender today. I think it's a good thing that we have a possibility to choose how to apply the face products better. Brushes or sponge? Is it really simpler to work with the sponge? I thought I've to try it to make a decision.

Price: 17£ - 17.50€ - 20$

This little sponge is perfect for application of a liquid or a creamy products, including the foundation, concealer, contour.

The brand BeautyBlender started their lineup with a pink sponge, but now, they've a great colour range and all of us can choose our favourite colour. It's shaped like an egg and the product is smaller than you may have expected. It looks bigger in the picture, than in real life. It grows twice to it's original size when it absorbs water. I recommend to damp it before use, because it gives a beautiful dewy finish, than. It feels light, fluffy and that is exactly what I like the most about it. Application is really fast with it, and it gives you a healthy, natural look and you don't have to worry about the stripes which the brushes can leave sometimes.

Other sponges which I bought were harder to work with. The foundation remained on the sponge, and I had trouble applying it on my face. I can't guarantee you, but usually when the sponge doesn't soak up water or when it does but doesn't become softer, the product is low quality and I would avoid it. Exactly the opposite to our reviewed product, the Chill.

If you don't understand the hype around the Beautyblender, but you're courious, you've to give it a try and you'll see.

It is necessary to mention that it's an expensive sponge, but in my opinion it's worth buying it. I did the mistake of trying cheap sponges from less known brands, but I didn't use them for long, because it was hard if not impossible to apply the products properly.

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