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benefit - BADGal BANG! Mascara, they're Real Mascara

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I've mentioned multiple times in my posts that I will write a lot about mascaras, because I truly love them. Mascaras reviewed in this article are the first products from benefit cosmetics I've ever purchased. My order landed on two travel sized ones. I had various mascaras in my make up home kit, but I wanted to try something new.

BADGal BANG! Mascara

Price: 10.50£ - 13€ - 12$ (Travel) / 21.50£ - 28€ - 24$ (Normal)

Weight: 4g / 8.5g

The product comes in black cardboard case. The brand and the product name are printed on it in silver and pink. The case and the product itself shares the same design.

The brush is created to maximise the volume and to add an extra lift without stickiness or weight. It has a long and slender brush with tiny silicone bristles. The wand perfectly separated my lashes and the application was very fast with it. The wand made the whole application process better and easier, without the risk of clumping on each individual lash. The mascara has an intense black formula. It maintains the same look the entire day in normal conditions. Hot humid weather, sports or other heavy activities can decrease that time (valid for most of the mascaras, except waterproof).

If you want to remove the mascara, it comes off easily with micellar water.

they're Real Mascara

Price: 10.50£ - 13€ - 12$ (Travel) / 21.50£ - 28€ - 24$ (Normal)

Weight: 4g / 8.5g

The mascara comes in a similar black cardboard case as the product mentioned above. The main difference is that the product and the brand name is printed with white and orange letters. The bottom of the product itself is brown with black and orange lettering (see the photo below). The upper part of the product is the wand and comes in silver.

The mascara has long silicone bristles on the brush. The product separated my lashes better than the others I used before (including the BADGal BANG! mascara reviewed above). It gives you jet-black lashes and it's buildable without getting spider lashes.

If you want to remove it, the mascara comes off easily.

I'm not a Benefit Cosmetics fan, but their mascaras are one of the best. Both of the reviewed products are perfect, but if I had to choose which one is better, it would be the first one. The BADGal BANG! mascara lengths better a little bit, but it depends on your eyelashes. I'm gifted, because I have long lashes naturally. The application is faster given the tiny bristles, even if the fact is that the they're Real Mascara separates better.

I'm pleased with these mascaras and I can recommend both of them.

I'm sure I'll try more products from Benefit Cosmetics and you will be the first to know my opinion. I publish new reviews every Sunday. If you liked this post, you're very welcome to come back!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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