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Benefit - Roller Lash

Welcome! This time I'll write about the Roller Lash mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. If you read my blog, you may know, that it isn't my first mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.

I'm still looking for the perfect mascara, and that's why I like to try a lot of them. It's an important piece in every girl's makeup bag. Let's see what this mascara is capable of!

Price: 11£ - 14€ - 13$ (Travel Size) / 22£ - 27.50€ - 25$ (Normal Size)

Weight: 4g / 8.5g

It's my third mascara from this brand. I was satisfied with the previous two, but I was curious about their other mascaras.

The product I use before applying mascara is the Lush Curler from MAC. I'll write about this product, because it's smaller, than the other curlers and I think this is the main reason why it's better than the others, long story short, it will be interesting for you.

Back to the mascara. The Roller Lash mascara is available in two colours: black and brown. It contains Provitamin B5 and Serin ingredients, which are really good for lash-conditioning. The mascara has short silicone bristles on the brush. The work with this brush is easy and efficient. The product separated my lashes without clumping them. The lashes seems longer, but unfortunately I needed to use the curler to get a volume.

If you want to remove the mascara, it comes off easily with micellar water.

All in all, I can recommend the Roller Lash, as well as the other two which I tested.

Good advice: If you want to test a mascara and you've opportunity to buy the travel size, then choose it without thinking. The smaller product is enough for at least few months and if you're not satisfied with it, you can buy a new one sooner. Other important benefit of the travel size is the smaller price!

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