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BIODERMA - Photoderm Bronz Oil, Photoderm After-sun

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Hi! I am writing you again.

The story of this review begins with my boyfriend coming with an idea to travel somewhere far away, and if possible, to get a tan and explore any country we've never visited before. He's a travel addict. (Only him? Since we're together I think I become an addict, too.) We've chosen Mexico, Playa del Carmen.

I wanted us to use skin protecting sunscreen oil and started to search for some on the internet right away. I also wanted to try a quality product which could be bought at any or most of the drugstores. My choice landed on two products from BIODERMA. I'm going to review them below.

Photoderm Bronz Oil

Price: 19€ - 21€

Weight: 200ml

It gives the skin protection and bronzing tone. Intensifies and stimulates a natural tan.

The product is hypoallergenic and prevents the skin from sun allergies. It is great for sensitive skin and is slightly parfumed. This dry oil is not sticky and has a non-greasy texture. It is water resistant. Enough to oil the body once before entering the water multiple times (Depends on what do you do in the water).

Oil based sunscreens are better overall then their cream based counterparts. They don't leave white stains on your body. The skin absorbs it more quickly.

The oil is applied via spray nozzle on the top. Do not loose the plastic cover of the nozzle and be careful when putting it down on sandy beaches, because the outlet of the nozzle can be easily filled with sand.

We were really satisfied with this product and I would definitely buy it again.

Photoderm After-sun

Price: 17€

Weight: 500ml

The After-sun milk is perfect to soothe the skin and prevent sunburn.

It works well, moisturises nicely and absorbs quickly. The product is great for sensitive skin and smells good just like the bronz oil mentioned above. What I really like is that both of them are parfumed with the same essence.

You can keep your bronze skin colour longer using it regularly, your skin wouldn't dry out.

It was the first after-sun milk, which met my expectations. I can only recommend it.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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