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Blue Smoky

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hi there! I asked a question recently on my Instagram account. I was curious to find out what content do you prefer the most on this social site and my blog. There were two options: Makeup Looks or Product Photos/Reviews. The answers definitely showed me the way forward. Makeup Looks are more interesting to you and I'll do my best to share more of those with you. I would like to thank you for your votes. It helped a lot! I would also like to say that I won't write about every Makeup Look, but you will find most of it on my Instagram account.

Today, I made a smoky eye makeup, but forget about the classic black colour. I chose a dark blue shade to make the makeup more interesting and defining!

I cleaned my face with micelle water, as always, before applying the makeup.

The real work begun with applying the face products. I mixed up two of my foundations (HUDA BEAUTY-FauxFilter and MAC-Studio Face and Body) and I applied them with a Zoeva brush (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER). The HUDA foundation has a high coverage and the MAC foundation is water based and lightweight. I thought I need a a higher coverage, but at the same time I wanted to get a natural effect. That was the reason behind mixing them up. I didn't use powder after the foundation, because I didn't want a matte finish. I skipped the powder, so the next step was contouring the face. I used the Too Faced-Natural Face palette and a Zoeva brush (109/LUXE FACE PAINT) for this part. I used the same palette to blush the face but this time with my other Zoeva brush (106/POWDER). The last product I used on my face was the highlighter. If you read my article about the Too Faced-Natural Face palette or saw the photos on my Instagram, you know that there are two highlighters in the palette. I chose the Satin Sheets and I applied it with my Zoeva brush (129/LUXE FAN). I have more brushes for the highlighters, but that one is my favourite. It's easy to work with it and it gives a something like a natural light to the face. It's thin and it follows the shape of the face exactly where it should.

Let's move on to the eyebrows. I used the Dipbrow Pomade's Medium Brown shade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. All off my readers know that I love Zoeva brushes. I used a different brand this time and picked the ABH-Brush 12 for the eyebrows. It has hard bristles and that's why it's easy to work with it. By drawing the missing eyebrow threads I created a natural effect to the eyebrows.

The most powerful part of this makeup are eyes. I used two palettes for these blue smoky eyes. The first one was the Full Spectrum from Urban Decay and the second one was the Gemstone from Huda Beauty. At first I applied the MINX shade from Full Spectrum with Zoeva brush (234/SMOKY SHADER). I blended it with one of the Zoeva brushes again, the (228/LUXE CREASE). It's perfect for softening and adding dimension to any eye look. After the blending it wasn't as vivid as I wanted and I had to repeat this process once more. As soon as I perfected the blending, I used the navy blue shade from Gemstone palette. It's a glittery shades, which was applied with Zoeva brush (234/SMOKY SHADER). The next step, the eyeliner, was an important part of this makeup. I draw only a thin line to make my eyelashes look longer. The product I used was a black eyeliner gel from Maybelline, the Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. It was applied with Zoeva brush (317/WING LINER). Eyes were nearly finished the only thing missing were the false lashes. I decided to use the Lash Curler from MAC before applying them. I used the same lashes for this post as in the last one, the Flower!. I bought them in the nearest drugstore. I glued them up with the Lash Glue Dark Tone from Huda Beauty.

The lips were the final step to be ready for the photoshoot. The makeup I chose for the eyes is powerful, so I decided to use nude shade on my lips. I used the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I mixed up two shades: Peachy Pink and Soft Oak Brown and used Zoeva brush (331/PRECISION LIP) to bring them up.

Time spent: 1 hour and 30 minutes

I hope this article was useful to you and will help you to create stunning looks.

My blog isn't sponsored by any brand. The content is created based on my experience with the products I use on myself and my clients!

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Thank you for reading my blog!

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