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Cut Crease

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hello! I had the girls, my models in our home studio in the last month so I managed to create more make up looks which I can't wait to share with you.

Today, I'll write about the cut crease eye makeup. At the beginning I had no clear idea about what exactly and how to make it. I only knew I wanted to use a burgundy shade on her eyes. Let's see how it evolved!


If I would ask you what's the first step in every makeup I create, I bet all of you would know the answer. I write it down always, but its a makeup look tutorial like post, so I need to repeat myself, again. If it's boring to you, please ignore this part.

The foundation I've used on her face was the Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation from Fenty Beauty. I applied only a very thin layer with the 104/BUFFER.

The next one I used was the Born This Way concealer from Too Faced under her eyes and I blended it with my Beauty Blender. This step is perfect for removing circles under the eye.

The next step was contouring her face. I decided to use creamy products only. I picked up the Contour Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I chose the Light Sculpt shade, which was applied with the 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER.

After the contouring I used the Werk shade from Milk to blush. It's a light pink shade and I think it's a perfect creamy product. I used the 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER to blend it out.

The step I'll never miss out. The last product on the face: the highlighter. I chose a 3D highlighter palette from Huda Beauty. The last time I used it was a long time ago. I decided to apply the Capri shade from The Pink Sands Edition palette. It has a creamy finish, so I opted for this one. I applied it with my fingers.


The model had thin tattooed brows, so I corrected the colour of the brows and draw it a little bit thicker. All I needed was the Dipbrow Pomade's Medium Brown shade and the #12 double ended brush both from Anastasia Beverly Hills.


This post is about showing you how to create the ''cut crease''. You haven't seen this type of makeup from me until today. I felt it was time to come up with something new.

I wanted to use vibrant shades on her eyes, so it was inevitable to use a Prep + Prime eyeshadow base primer from MAC. You can use any eyeshadow base primer available on the market, I used this one because it's my favourite. I applied it with my fingers, as I always do. It's important to apply the same amount throughout the whole eyelids.

The first shade I used on her crease was the Cyprus Amber from the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The colours are very pigmented in this palette, so be careful with them. What kind of brushes I used? The shade was applied with the 231/LUXE PETIT CREASE and was blended out with 221/LUXE SOFT CREASE. The first (smaller) brush is good for the precise lines and the second (bigger) brush was good for the beautiful transition, which we always aim for. It looks like I used more shades of brown, but as I said the only one I used was the Cyprus Amber on the crease. How is it possible? I worked with two brushes. If you blend it out like this it creates a smooth transition of the shade from dark to light.

The Venetian Red was the second shade I used on the eyes. You can see this burgundy colour on her inner corner. I wanted to emphasise her eyes with this vibrant colour. I had to work precisely, so this time I opted for the 237/DETAIL SHADER. This is a small brush, so it's great for a detailed application.

The Primavera was the last shade on her outer corner, which was applied with the brush we used for the previous step, the 237/DETAIL SHADER. This time I blew some Prep+ Prime Fix+ to the brush before applying the shade. As a result it gave me a more intensive and shiny shade.

I got a beautiful transition between these shades using the 221/LUXE SOFT CREASE brush.

The model has perfect eyes with respect to the eyeliner, so I opted for the Jet Waterproof Créme Color. I didn't use it just on the upper eyelids, but on her waterlines, too. I like to use the 317/WING LINER for this step.

On her lover eyelids I applied a light brown shade, called Burnt Orange. The 226/SMUDGER is the best brush for that. I didn't want her to have a sharp line there, so I blended it out with the 231/LUXE PETIT CREASE.

The eyes are started to look how I planned them to, only one step was missing, to finish them! The makeup needed false lashes and I prepared the Natural Black Wispies from Ardell and I glued them up. I used a glue from Douglas, which is white, when you apply it, but after drying it becomes transparent. I used the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara from Dior on the lower lashes.


I choose natural lips, because we already had the eye intensified. I used only a tinted lip balm from Pupa Milano. Unfortunately this lip balm was a limited edition, so it's no longer available. The 331/PRECISION LIP made the application easy.

( The lip balm I used can be easily replaced. You can use a brown lip gloss, and you'll get similar or even the same look. )

I planned to use more than one eyeshadow palette for the eyes. The moment I realised I used only one was when I finished writing this post. Sometimes less is more! We're at the end of this blogpost and I hope I managed to get your attention. If you're reading this sentence it means I was successful :)

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P.S.: The brushes I used on her face and eyes are all from Zoeva.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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