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DOUGLAS - Spray Cleaner For Makeup-Up Brushes

Welcome back! I'm here with a new blogpost. The product I'm about to describe you today won't be the first brush cleaner reviewed on gleamradar. Every time I start working on a makeup, I clean my brushes. It may be on a client or me, its always the first thing to do. This is why cleaning sprays don't last long.

I was satisfied with my previous cleaner from Sephora, but I had to buy a new one as soon as possible to be able to continue working. There is no Sephora in my country and ordering it online wasn't an option either if I wanted to have it that fast. Fortunately we have Douglas nearby, where the girls recommended their Spray Cleaner.

Price: 7.99€

Weight: 75ml

I was afraid a little bit, because it's widely known that some cleaners can do damage to the brushes. The brush I started cleaning was a pure synthetic hair brush from Zoeva the 233/CREAM SHADER.

Short Intro: Why is it good to clean the brushes using fluid based sprays?! I like to do it this way, because it's much quicker to clean them and the bristles dries fast. BUT as I wrote it in the past it isn't a replacement product for cleaning soap's! They've a different purpose.

Let's describe what I did. I put the above mentioned brush on the paper towel, sprayed it on and started cleaning. I used the brush before to apply a concealer and I struggled to get out at least the half of it, but the other half still remained on the brush. This was only the first problem. The second one came up when I saw the paper towel picking up black colour. I never used this brush to apply or blend black shades before, so the answer was easy. This black colour was the colour of the bristles coming down! Exactly what I was told on the internet happened to me. I managed to save this brush but the cleaner found its final resting place in the trash.

I was totally disappointed. :( Let's look at the good side of the thing, I helped you save the money you would have wasted on that product.

PS: I'm looking for a new and better cleaner spray.

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