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ELF - Jelly Highlighter

Hello everyone! I'm back with another review of a creamy highlighter. I think it's the cheapest highlighter on my blog. I didn't have a plan to buy it and I didn't even know that this brand is available in Slovakia. I just tried some testers in Douglas on my hands and this one was awesome, so I thought it's worth a try.

Price: 6£ - 6$

Weight: 13ml

The Jelly Highlighter is available in 3 shades:

Bubbly - for fairy and light skin tones (white gold),

Cloud - for medium skin tones (rose gold),

Dew - for darker skin tones (bronze gold).

It was difficult to make a decision which shade to buy. Finally, I chose the Dew shade, because I don't really have highlighters in bronze, except one, which has powdery texture. In the last months I used a lot of creamy highlighters and I thought it'll be used very often, thus won't be just sitting in my makeup bag.

The application is really easy and quick. I used it with my fingers and the result was a beautiful shiny skin. Sometimes no brush is needed for the best effect.

I can recommend this product, because I got a high quality highlighter for a good price. It was a bargain. 13 ml for 6$ is a really good value and amount. The size is well enough for a makeup artist, but is also good for a single person who will use it often on herself. Unfortunately they don't have more shades currently, but I hope they'll add more and more in the future. Of course, without increasing the price :)

The product is cruelty-free and vegan!

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