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Eyeliner with Red Lipstick

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hi! Long time no post. I apologise for not posting that long, but there has been a lot going on in my life what meant blogging was put on the side. BUT I'm back!

Today, I present you a makeup which seems basic, but precision is what makes it outstanding. You would wear this makeup everyday but is also suitable for the evening to emphasise your beauty. I will describe in detail how I worked and what products I used, just as always.

If you are curious, continue reading!

I cleaned my face with micellar water, before applying the makeup. It was my very first step.

I started again with applying the face products. I mixed up two of my foundations (HUDA BEAUTY-FauxFilter and MAC-Studio Face and Body) and I applied them with a Zoeva brush (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER). The HUDA foundation has quite a high coverage and the MAC foundation is water based. My thought was that I need a higher, perfect coverage, but at the same time I want to get a natural skin effect. That was the reason behind mixing them up. I didn't use powder after the foundation. Important note! If you don't want matte finish don't use powder. (I rarely use powder for photoshoots because it can cover the glowing effect, but sometimes it's a necessity). The next step was contouring my face. I used the same water based MAC foundation again (darker shade this time) and marked the places (under the cheekbones and on the forehead) where I wanted to contour. I applied this foundation with my Zoeva brush (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER). It's a perfectly shaped brush for this step because it follows the cheekbone. For the next part I used the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills to blush. I mixed up the Vibrant Pink shade with the Glow Mon Amour highlighter from L'oreal and applied it with my Zoeva brush (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER). It's a liquid highlighter and I think it's perfect for this step if used as a primer, but I need to mention that I don't like to use it as a mere highlighter. (It looks as a pigmented and beautiful highlighter at first, but after a while it seems to ''disappear'').

The last creamy product I used on my face was my highlighter. I chose the 3D highlighter palette from Huda Beauty. The Capri shade from the Pink Sands Edition has a creamy finish, so I opted for this one. I applied this shade with my fingers. After creamy always comes the powder. It's a basic principle. The Natural Face palette from Too Faced was my choice to fix the creamy shades of the contour and the blush. I used the Sunny Honey and the Pink Wink shade. I applied these shades with my Zoeva brush (101/FACE DEFINER).

The last face product I used on my face was the powdery highlighter. My current favourite is the Sun Dipped Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Moonstone is the one I love, I tend to use it often.

Let's move on to the eyebrows. I combed out my eyebrows first using the Hydro Mastix Washable Spirit Gum from the Kryolan and brushed it then with my ABH-Brush 12. Thanks to this method the eyebrow stays combed. The brush is double ended - one end holds a spoolie and the other end holds a bristle brush, which is thin and sharp angled. I needed this spoolie for the first step and I needed the bristle brush for the second step, because it's perfect for drawing the missing eyebrow threads. It was a perfect combination. I hope you like it.

The next part was the eyes. I picked one palette, the Naked Smoky from Urban Decay. I blended the High shade on the whole eyelid with Zoeva brush (228/LUXE CREASE) and with the help of the Dagger shade I drew the eyeliner with my Zoeva brush (317/WING LINER). The last product I used on the eyes was a black eyeliner gel -Jet- from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the Waterproof Créme Color. It was applied with Zoeva brush (317/WING LINER). I didn't use any false lashes or any mascaras, because I wanted to show you how the eyeliner looks, exactly.

As the very last step of the makeup, I decided to use the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. (Again). I applied the Vibrant Coral shade and draw a precise lip with my Zoeva brush (331/PRECISION LIP). It was essential to choose an intense red coloured lip for this makeup.

And that was it! I know this makeup is not the one you'll put on the top of your list but be prepared and check for updates on my site. I keep going with gleamradar and my MUA career and will create you many new makeups. I hope you'll like them and will share them with you friends! :)

Time spent: 1 hour

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Thank you for reading my blog!

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