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Hi! Have you read my makeup look post last week? If yes, you already know what's coming. Festival Face's glitter was the key to create that gleaming look. I'm about to describe you how to work with it and name it's pros and cons.

Price: 4£ - 4€ - 5$

Weight: 6g

I've been looking at the brand for a long time and finally got ready to buy and test some of it's products. I ordered their silvery glitter from Beauty Bay. I was glad to buy it postage and duty free.

These glitters are a little bit bigger than the other glitters I usually use. They are bigger than most of the glitters at all. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not a problem. I like it, because it shines better and it's more vivid, which looks very good in the pictures.

Don’t forget to use a primer or a glue before applying the glitters. When you work with smaller glitters it’s enough to use glitter primer to have it stay in place. But if you want to apply bigger ones like these, you need a glue to keep them on. I'm not thinking of classic glue, of course. There are specific types of glues for beauty products, such as Mastix P or Hydro Mastix from Kryolan. Glitters like the Glitter Iridescent Flakes would easily fall off without using the mentioned products.

If you like shiny beauty products, I recommend to visit Festival Faces's website or Beauty Bay. They've dozens of glitters - smaller, bigger and in many colours, which is quite unusual if you compare it with other brands on the market currently. They also have foils which I also plan to test out. I'll bring you a new makeup look post working with their glitter foils in the coming weeks or months. I've always wanted to play with them!

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