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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hi! In one of my last posts I mentioned that I'm planning to show you several makeup looks. This time I used flowers to make the makeup more interesting.

If you like the makeup shown in the picture, just keep reading but if not please come back later, because I plan to post more looks from time to time.

As a first step, the whole face was properly cleaned using micellar water before applying the makeup. I was lucky because my model had a nice, clean face, so I didn't use a full coverage foundation. The Studio Face and Body foundation from MAC was perfectly enough. It's a lightweight foundation, which usually gives a natural effect. It was applied with a Zoeva brush (104/BUFFER). I didn't use any mattifying powder, because a healthy, lightly glowing skin was our goal. I used Born This Way concealer under the eyes and my Zoeva brush (142/CONCEALER BUFFER) made the job perfectly. We're coming to the next important step. The next thing I did was to contour and blush her face with one of my favourite palette, the Natural Face palette from Too Faced. For this part I mostly use my Zoeva brush (109/LUXE FACE PAINT). The last face product I've used was the highlighter. I chose the Unicorn shade of the Dream palette from ABH. My favourite brush for powdery highlighters is Zoeva's (129/LUXE FAN).

To make eyebrows perfect I opted for the Tame and Fame brow pomade from NYX. I shaped her eyebrows with ABH-Brush 12 and combed them with transparent Brow Set from MAC.

My idea was to use intense shade on the lips, so I didn't want to emphasize her eyes too much (I don't recommend using the shades of same intensity on both areas). The Naked palette from Urban Decay seemed like a good choice because of its variety of natural colours. However, the middle of the eyelid got a small glittering eye shadow to harmonise the highlighter effect on the cheekbones with the eyes. The palette I chose for this was the Gemstone palette from Huda Beauty. I used several brushes from Zoeva to apply these shadows (227/LUXE SOFT DEFINER for the brown shade and 234/LUXE SMOKY SHADER for the sparkle pink shade). I wanted to pull out her green eyes to the forefront, so I decided to use the Lash Curler from MAC and used false lashes (basic false lashes you can find at any of the drug stores), too.

There comes the interesting part of the makeup! I used a pink lipstick on her lips and applied it with Zoeva's brush (331/PRECISION LIP). The name of the lipstick is Stargazer. It's a Matte Lipstick from ABH. The final step was to put petals on the left side of the face. It was important to find a flower which can meet the colour of the lipstick I chose. The petals of our daisy were glued to her skin using the Kryolan glue. Don't be afraid to use the glue. You want it to hold during the photoshoot!

Time spent: 45 minutes

I wanted to show you a makeup, which is wearable, but at the same time creative and perfect for photoshoots, too.

I hope this blogpost was interesting to you and you didn't fall asleep while reading. Haha! For more photos and interesting pictures about products and makeup portraits, please, visit my social sites.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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