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Glowing Lips

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Hello Gleamradar readers! I've a new makeup look for you featuring Lívi. At the beginning I had two ideas what to create: glittery lips or gray shades on eyelids with pink lips. I decided to combine them. I applied gray shades on her eyelids, used pink lipstick on her lips and made the top of her lips glittery. I had a lucky day, because I was able to find the same colour of lipstick and glitter in my makeup bag. I hope you like the look, as much as we like it. :)


After cleaning her face with micellar water from Bioderma, I started to work with the foundation. I used the same products on her skin, as always. If someone's skin is nice and healthy like my model's, it's not necessary to apply a foundation with high coverage. The lightweight Face and Body foundation from MAC Cosmetics is far enough for her skin. I applied it with my 104/BUFFER. The process is quick and nice with this brush. When I needed some precise lines I opted for the 117/PETIT DEFINED. I used it for the contouring as well as for blush, because I had to apply creamy ones, too.

I started to write about the contouring, so let's see what products I needed for this step. The Contour Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills was the key to the perfect contouring. As I mentioned it above, I applied and blended it out with the 117/PETIT DEFINED, because it's a creamy product.

The second thing I mentioned was the blush. I used a creamy one, so I needed the same brush, again. The Werk shade from Milk was the best product to blush in my collection since I purchased it. It remains my favourite to this date, so I didn't miss it out.

The last step on her face was the highlighter. I chose a 3D highlighter palette from Huda Beauty. I wanted to work with a highlighter with a creamy finish, so I opted for the Capri shade from The Pink Sands Edition palette. I applied it with my fingers, as I always do with the creamy highlighters.


Let's talk about the eyebrows. At first I had to comb out her brows. It's always an important step, because it enables me to see the real shape of the eyebrows. Her's are much darker than her hair, so I can't use any shades for blondies. I opted for the Dipbrow Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Medium Brown shade to draw her missing threads. I used my double-ended brush the #12 from Anastasia Beverly Hills. To finish it, I combed out the threads one more time with the Brow Set from MAC.


Today, I worked with darker shades, so it was more important to use a primer on the eyelids. I had to apply the Prep + Prime eyeshadow base primer from MAC. I did it with my fingers.

The next thing I used was the NAKED Smoky palette from Urban Decay. Where else can I find better gray shades?! I chose two shades for this look: the Dagger and the High. The work started with the Dagger shade. I applied it on her outer corner with the 234/LUXE SMOKY SHADER and also on the crease with the 231/LUXE PETIT CREASE. It had to be thoroughly blended out with the 221/LUXE SOFT CREASE. The process takes more time when I work with darker or more vibrant shades. It's quite normal, don't worry, if it happens to you, it doesn't mean you are slow. :) Let's move to the High shade. I used on her inner corner with the 234/DETAIL SHADER. It's a similar brush, like the 234/LUXE SMOKY SHADER, but it's smaller. I prefer it when I need to work precisely, or when I need to apply the product on small surfaces, just like in our case. I decided to create a transition between the High and Dagger shades. I preferred the 227/LUXE SOFT DEFINER for this part.

On her lower eyelids I used the Eye Pencil in Gray from NYX Cosmetics. It needed a little blending with the 226/SMUDGER brush to be perfect.

What is the last step for the Eyes? The Lashes. Lívi had 3D false lashes, so this time I didn't have to glue them up.


The last and the most beautiful part: LIPS! At first I picked up my Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I opted for the Vibrant Pink shade. It was beautiful without the glitters, too, but I knew it can be better with them. To have the glitters stay in place the next step was easy to guess, it was the Glitter Primer from NYX Cosmetics. After the primer, I applied the glitters. FINALLY! It was brilliant. I worked with the Face & Body Glitter from NYX Cosmetics's Red shade, but I think it's vibrant pink, like the lipstick. Everything I used on her lips was applied with the 331/PRECISION LIP brush.

Important information to close out the Lips: Lívi drank water and tea after applying the glitters and the primer still kept them on their place. I'm really satisfied with this product! The next week will be interesting again. I will show you some pictures from our second photoshoot with one of our new models! I constantly work to bring more new faces to this site. Be tuned!

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P.S.: The brushes I used on her face and eyes are all from Zoeva.

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