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Green Eyes

Hi there! I made a survey on my Instagram account not so long ago. I was curious to find out what kind of makeup do you prefer the most. You had two options to choose from: Nude Makeup or Colourful Makeup. The result was indisputable and I saw it coming. The nude got the most clicks! I will share some makeups of that type soon, but today is different. I felt I have to make a vibrant makeup for such a green eyes of my model.

The first step was to clean the whole face with micelle water, before applying a makeup.

I didn't use a full coverage foundation, because the Studio Face and Body foundation from MAC was enough for her skin. It was applied with a Zoeva brush (104/BUFFER). I had to make the skin under the eyes perfect with my Born This Way concealer. I used another Zoeva brush (142/CONCEALER BUFFER) for this part. The next product I used is the Contour Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I needed it only for contouring under the cheekbones and a little bit on the forehead. It's important to blend out the contour shade so I did it with one of my brushes from Zoeva (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER). If you follow my blog you may know that I like to use ABH's Lip Palette to blush so I mixed up the Vibrant Pink shade (my favourite shade for blushing) with the Glow Mon Amour highlighter from L'oreal and applied it with the brush I use the most (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER - Zoeva). The last product I used on her face was the highlighter. I chose the 3D highlighter palette from Huda Beauty. I have a Pink Sand Edition, which has only one creamy highlighter, so it was quite clear that I'll chose the Capri shade. I applied this shade with my fingers only. I didn't use powder at all, because the natural, glowing skin was my goal.

Let's move on to my favourite part of the makeup: the eyebrows. The model had tattooed brows, so I just corrected the colour of the brows and draw it a little bit thicker. I needed two products for this part. The Dipbrow Pomade's Medium Brown shade and the Brush #12 both from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Here comes the powerful part of the makeup. As you can see, she has beautiful green eyes so I thought it'll be great to make a green eye makeup for her. I came with this idea after the first look. She was surprised, when I told her, but at the end she was happy and pleased with the makeup. I used two palettes for this look: Full Spectrum from Urban Decay and Gemstone Obsessions from Huda Beauty. The Hatter shade on her eyelids from the Full Spectrum palette was the first step. It was applied with a Zoeva brush (234/SMOKY SHADER) and I blended it out with, again, one of the my Zoeva brushes, the (228/LUXE CREASE). When the blendig was ready, I used the green shade from Gemstone palette. It's a shimmery green shade and I applied it on the middle of the eyelid with different brush (237/DETAIL SHADER-Zoeva). The next step was the eyeliner. The eyes were nearly finished, but I wanted to use the black eyeliner gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the Waterproof Créme Color on the waterline so applied it with my brush, the Zoeva (317/WING LINER) brush. For the lower eyelid I decided to use the Modern Renaissance palette from ABH, as a third palette. All I needed was a soft brown shade. I chose the Raw Sienna and applied it with Zoeva brush (226/SMUDGER), but used a different brush to blend it out, the Zoeva (231/LUXE PETIT CREASE). The make up was coming together but what I still missed was the metallic shade on the inner eye corner, so I decided to apply the Primavera shade from the same palette with the Zoeva brush (230/LUXE PENCIL). The last things missing were the false lashes. I used the Lash Curler from MAC to prepare the real lashes and only after that procedure I got to the false ones. I glued them up with the Lash Glue Dark Tone from Huda Beauty.

Lets do the very important last step, the lips. I used the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I needed a nude shade, because we had a vibrant green colour on the eyes and I didn't want to overdo it. I chose the Soft Oak Brown shade. I didn't want a matte finish, so as the last step I used a Lip Gloss from Pupa Milano. (The product was a limited edition and it's no longer available). I draw a precise lip and applied these two products on her lips with my Zoeva brush (331/PRECISION LIP).

It was great time together with my model and I think both of us had fun. It was a wonderful cooperation and we already have something in our minds to continue with. You may find her on my blog again soon!

Time Spent: 1 hour and 45 minutes

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Thank you for reading my blog!

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