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HUDA BEAUTY - 3D Highlight Palette

Hi! Today, I'll be reviewing a highlighter palette from Huda Beauty, the 3D Highlight Palette. If you've an Instagram account and you're interested in beauty products, you must have seen it. Here you can read how it performs.

If you're a regular visitor of my blog, you may know how much I like highlighter products. No matter if they are colourful or nude they always get my attention. I mainly use the highlighter on my cheekbones. It's always a good idea to apply it. It makes a make up ''THE make up''.

Price: 40£ - 43€ - 45$

Weight: Capri (7.5g), Santorini, Azores, Ibiza (10g)

The brand has multiple versions of this palette in their line-up. I got the Pink Sands for my 22nd birthday. My grandma made the right choice, because I've light skin tone and this palette has the best shades for me. It's perfect for people with fair/light skin tone, but don't worry, if you've medium/dark skin tone they've got you covered with the other palettes available. I didn't try all of these products, but you can find all the details on Shop Huda Beauty.

On the front cover of the palettes you can see different photos of Huda Kattan, the brand and a product name, of course. On the Pink Sands there is an image of Huda Kattan with blond hair. The packaging is matte, but when you move the palette around you see some areas with a highlight effect. I bet they made it like this to emphasize that this is a highlighter palette. I think this kind of packaging design was a really good idea, their marketing&design department made a good job.

The product has a magnetic closure. It contains 4 shades; 1 creamy and 3 powdery highlighters. All of the shades are named after islands. The cream highlighter is perfectly and easily blendable. It's enriched with butter and it gives a nice reflection to the skin. The powder based highlighters are soft and extremely pigmented and they don't have glitter particles.

The palette doesn't come with a mirror or brush included. I applied the shades with my Zoeva brush (129/LUXE FAN).

I like every shade in this palette, because it's easy to work with them and they give a beautiful highlight no matter which area I use it on. I recommend to use it mainly on the high points of the face like cheekbones, brow bone, nose, inner eyes or Cupid's bow. If you're a highlighter addict, you've to give it at least a try.

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