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HUDA BEAUTY - #FauxFilter Foundation, Easy Bake Loose Powder

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Today, I'll be reviewing two products from the HUDA BEAUTY lineup. Last time I've mentioned that I'll try to write more posts about face products. I'm just about to deliver.

If you follow my blog, you may know that it isn't my first article about Huda Beauty. When I saw that she'll be launching face products, I knew I have to try it.

FauxFilter Foundation

Price: 32£ - 40€ - 40$

Weight: 35ml (the standard foundation size is 30ml)

The FauxFilter foundation is available in 30 shades. It is a full-coverage and long-lasting foundation. The product is concealing imperfections and dries to matte finish. It blends beautifully using a Zoeva brush (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER) and Beauty Blender, too.

The foundation comes in a black cardboard packaging with the brand and a product name on the top. The product got a transparent/black ombre design. The bottle full of foundation has a pump, which is practical and easy to use.

The great about the full-coverage foundation is that you have a choice. You can use the foundation as a full coverage-foudation if you need, but you can mix it with random moisturising creme and you'll get a natural look.

I didn't buy a brush from HUDA BEAUTY, because I use brushes from Zoeva (117/Petit Defined Buffer), which I really like to use for applying the foundation. Another product suitable for the job is the blender sponge from BeautyBlender, which I'll review to you next week.

I've been using this foundation for some time now, but still not long enough to say if I'm about to purchase this product again. The least positive thing I can tell you right now is that it isn't really a light weight foundation and it enlarges pores.

Easy Bake Loose Powder

Price: 28£ - 35€ - 34$

Weight: 20g

The Easy Bake Loose Powder is available in 8 shades. This is a great colour range, because other brands usually make only white which is obviously not perfect for every skin tone.

It comes in a black cardboard case with the brand and a product name on the top. The powder is packaged in a plastic translucent jar enclosed with a black cap featuring the the brand. It has a minimalistic design.

The blending sponge or a brush is not included with the product. I apply the powder with BeautyBlender or with brush (104/Buffer) from Zoeva.

It feels soft, smooth on the skin and sets the foundation and a concealer to stay for all day. The powder didn't leave white finish on my face - the most important part of the test.

For those who want to purchase it, you can easily check which shade is right for you on Huda Beauty website. She paired the Fauxfilter foundation shades with the Easy Bake loose powder.

It's a good baking powder, but I have to say it's not the best, at lease from those which I've tested. 

The both of the reviewed products are parfumed with the same essence. Personally, I don't like when any of the face products contains fragrances. Fortunately, it didn't irritate my skin.

I've purchased these products from Cult Beauty.

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