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HUDA BEAUTY - Gemstone Obsessions Palette

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Hi! If you follow beauty trends, you know that Huda Kattan created many different palettes this year. I was thinking that it's time to write a new post about her eye product, because before posting that one, there was only one review on my site covering her first palette. If you haven't bought this palette, but you're thinking about it, it's really an actual post for you. I'm hoping that my opinion and pictures will help your decision making.

Price: 25£ - 30€ - 27$

Weight: 10g

The Gemstone Obsession palette has a thin black packaging. You can see the brand and a product name on top. The range of colours are presented on the front of the pack too.

At first, it may look like a mini palette, but you're wrong. It's just very compact in size. If you look at the weight of the palette, you can see that it contains more shadow than the Rose Gold |18g| or the Rose Gold Remastered |16.6g| palette, except the Desert Dusk palette which weighs 25.2g. Each of those two palettes I mentioned contain 18 eyeshadows. The Obsessions has only 9 colours, but has 10g of eyeshadow.

It has a magnetic closure and includes a mirror which unfolds when you open the palette. The palette doesn't come with a brush included, exactly the opposite of what we got used to from the brand, but given the size of it we can understand why.

The Gemstone Obsessions palette comes with 9 shades. The palette has only gleamy shadows without any matte colours, which makes it a great addition to anyone's make up set, but needless to say it can't be used as a stand-alone palette. I saw some fall-out during the testing period, but these are very shiny shadows so it isn't so bad in this case. These creamy metallic and duo-chrome shadows are intensely pigmented and the colours of the palette are much more vibrant than you can imagine. The shades are absolutely stunning, but I have to say that it isn't a palette for every day, but you will use it, when it's the time to glow.

I recommend this compact palette for girls, who love glittery eyeshadows.

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