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Linda Hallberg - Infinity Glass

Welcome back! I heard about Linda Hallberg during a makeup course I attended at the STUDIO 22 Academy. I started to follow her on Instagram, because her work is really inspiring. She is one of the icons of the MUA world so I wanted to know if her makeup products are as good as the marketing, and can perform just as well as Linda Hallberg.

I wanted to create a wet look this time, but I needed a new product for this kind of makeup since I didn't have one in my set. I checked what's available on the market from Linda. It was the Infinity Glass. I knew it's a must-have to me.

Price: 23£ - 26€ - 29$

Weight: 25ml

Where to start.. Linda Hallberg released an interesting beauty product, which is called Infinity Glass. I needed a gloss to create a wet look, and I was looking for something, which is multi-functional. It can be used on the face, eyes and lips.

I ordered this product a few months ago from Beauty Bay. I like this page, because of the range of brands and the orders come with a free shipping above 25€.

I finally got to use the product. The application is very simple, it couldn't be easier. I used my fingers to apply the Infinity Glass, but the application is possible with brushes, too. The result is a perfect aqueous wet effect. It's not suitable for everyday of course, if you didn't want to get a smudged makeup. On the other hand it's a really great product for the photoshoots. At first you've to finish the whole makeup, before applying the Infinity Glass. It's important, because the makeup won't stay perfect for a long time.

I didn't recommend it for everyday use, because in my opinion this makeup is created for the photoshoots, but if you're a makeup artist, it's a must-have product for you. Products like this open up the creativity in our mind!

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