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MAC - Bold & Bad Lash Mascara

Welcome back! This Sunday, I'll share my thoughts about Bold & Bad Lash Mascara from MAC. I'm still looking for the perfect mascara, and that's why I like to try a lot of them. It's an important piece in every girl's makeup collection.

Price: 20£ - 24.50€ - 24$

Weight: 8g

I was excited to buy and try this new mascara from MAC. The name on the tube is velvet textured. The product has two chambers for the brushes and I loved the idea of both a small and large brush in one tube. The larger brush is used for the top lashes and a smaller brush for the bottom lashes. It was the first product I discovered to come up with solution like that. I remember seeing mascaras with small brushes used just for the bottom lashes, but I didn't want to buy them for number of reasons. It isn't practical to travel with two mascaras and also quite time consuming two pick two different mascaras, open and close them every morning. I wanted to buy a compact product.

I've to say I'm quite disappointed. Given my happiness of finding a perfect product for me, it was a big surprise to find out that packaging was the only thing which they designed properly. I'm not satisfied with this product, because it isn't easy to use and doesn't work well. The product doesn't give the volume I expected and I also found out that it isn't a smudge-proof mascara. If you really want ''bold'' lashes I would rather look for a different product. To be honest I've never had mascara like this. It dried out completely after few days. I didn't find out if only my mascara was flawy, but that should never happen. People buy those products and expect them to last at least few months. I can't say good things about Bold & Bad Lash Mascara. I wanted a compact, enhanced mascara, but instead I received the worst mascara I ever owned. I hope MAC will never create a product like this again. They've plenty of good products and are top of the industry and I'll do my best to review their newer products soon.

I won't buy this mascara again, and I can't recommend it to anyone. It's the first product with such a negative review on my blog. I hope this won't be the case ever again.

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