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MAC - Strobe Cream

Hi! There is always place for a new highlighter on this blog! Today's blogpost will be about the Strobe Cream from MAC Cosmetics. I needed something creamy, lightweight, shimmery ... Let's see if I've found the right one.

Price: 12.50£ - 10.50€ - 16$ (Travel size) / 25£ - 33.50€ - 35$ (Normal size)

Weight: 30ml / 50ml

The reason of buying it? I trusted that the product can be multifunctional. I knew I needed an another liquid highlighter, but with a creamy and lightweight texture. I wanted to use it instead of primers, mix it up with foundations to get a lighter texture and more shimmery skin. I also wanted it to function as a classic highlighter, which can be used on the face or body. I had high expectations and that is why I bought the travel size only. I didn't want to spend more money on product which wasn't verified by me before.

The travel size is available in one shade only: the Pinklite, but the normal size comes in four shades: Pinklite, Goldlite, Peachlite, Silverlite. They're all beautiful, but the Peachlite was my favourite when visiting the store. Unfortunately they don't produce it in smaller size. It's wasn't a big problem, because the Pinklite was nice too, and was still perfect for the test.

It's not easy to describe how bright is the product when applied. There are tiny shimmers in the cream, which are glowing decently, but also beautifully. On the scale of 10 I would score it 8.

It did well to match all my criteria listed above. I was happy that the models didn't have a shiny disco ball on their face, after using this product. It was important, because all I wanted was a natural glow on the skin, so in the future I don't have to be afraid to use it on whole face or body.

How easy was the application? I put it up with my fingers and I think it's the best way. The only moment I applied it with a brush was when I mixed it up with a foundation or blush. It's not always necessary to use a brush, and you can come up with your own ways, of course. :)

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