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MAC - Studio Face and Body Foundation, Prep + Prime Fix +

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Welcome to my new post! If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I'm attending a new makeup course and that way I got to know some products, which I never used before. I thought that it will be a good idea to write about these products.

At first I will write about face products and in the coming weeks I'll write about some other products as we go through the learning process.

Studio Face and Body Foundation

Price: 26£ - 34€ - 30$/30£- 46€ - 39$

Weight: 50ml/120ml

The Face and Body foundation is available in 13 shades only. Not a wide variety of colours, but one shade can work for more skin tones, because it's thinner than most of foundations and it has only a minimal coverage. The brand made a completely white shade to lighten up other colours if needed. It's good foundation for women with dry and dehydrated skin type. It doesn't have a high coverage and if you have a problematic skin, it'll not cover it. It's a really light, water-based foundation, which is perfect for creating a natural look. It has a dewy finish. After setting it with powder there is still a gloss.

The foundation is packaged in a plastic bottle and it's not easy to control the amount of foundation that comes out of it.

I can apply it with brush (Zoeva-117 Petit Defined Buffer) or Beauty Blender sponge and it blends on the skin seamlessly.

I'm not a fan of MAC, but I've to say I was suprised and pleased with it and if you're looking for a moisturizing foundation, you've to give it a try. As I mentioned I found this product on the makeup course, but as soon as I find another foundation which is at least as moisturizing as this one is, I'll replace it immediately, because it's not a cruelty free brand.

Prep + Prime Fix +

Price: 12£ - 10.50€ - 12$/19£ - 19€ - 26$

Weight: 30ml/100ml

The product is packaged in a transparent bottle with a lockable spray nozzle.

This product is created to hydrate the skin. It's preparing the skin for makeup, and sets it on place.

What's the use case for it?

Always start with having your face freshly cleaned, it's a must. If you're finished, you can use it to prepare the skin for make up or just for hydrating it. Another option to use this product is to use it as a finishing spray to take away the powdery look. The third option is to apply it with the eyeshadows to get high intensity shades. If you want to do so, you need to spray a little bit of it on the brush and apply the eyeshadows of your choice.

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