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Mermaid Look

Welcome back! The title of today's blogpost comes from the name of the shadows on the eyelids. The combination of the colours reminds me of the mermaids. And if mermaid it means there is water somehow, so I created a wet look from it which you will see at the bottom of the article, of course. I felt it was essential!


Do I still have to write about the first step? :D Of course I need to. I cleaned her whole face using the micellar water from Bioderma, as I always do.

I started to work with the Face and Body foundation from MAC, which I always prefer when I work with Lívi. She has a nice skin, so this light-weight foundation is perfect for her. I applied only a thin layer with the 104/BUFFER.

The perfect base is ready, so I started to work with the Contour Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This makeup was created only for photo shoots, so I using this creamy product was a necessity. I chose the Light Sculpt shade on her forehead, nose and under cheekbones. I applied it with the 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER.

The next step was the blush. The Werk shade from Milk is still my favourite, so I used it without any hesitation. I used the same brush which I used for blending.

What was the last product on her face? The highlighter, of course. Today, I used my Aurora Glow Kit highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette is full of interesting shades, for example the purple which name is Spectra. It was applied with the 129/LUXE FAN brush. I think this is the must-have brush for this step.


Her eyebrows are naturally darker than her hair, so I had to use a darker shade to draw her missing threads, but only after I combed out her brows. I chose the Dipbrow Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Medium Brown. I work with my double-ended brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you already follow me, you may already know that my favourite brush for these steps is the #12 brush. I needed one more step to get a natural brows, so I combed out the threads one more time with the Brow Set from MAC.


The most importart part of this makeup. I bought two shades a long time ago, but I didn't had a chance to use them. They are the Whimsical Fantasque and Mermaid Sirene. When I decided what the title of this article will be I didn't know about these fantasy names, but it seems NYX Cosmetics had the same thoughts as me.

I decided to use the Mermaid Sirene on her whole upper eyelids. I knew what shape I want, so I had to work precisely to get there. I needed the 237/DETAIL SHADER brush for this step. It's a small brush, which I use regularly. I wanted to get a really vibrant result, so I blew a little Prep+ Prime Fix+ on the brush before applying the shade. It gave me a much more intensive and shiny shade. The 221/LUXE SOFT CREASE was at my help to blend out the sharp edges.

On the lower eyelids I worked with the second shade; the Whimsical Fantasque. I chose the 226/SMUDGER brush for this step. It's a top class brush which I love to use. I can precisely apply and blend out the shades with it. Another thing I used was a beige pencil on her waterline from NYX Cosmetics.

She has 3D false lashes, so I didn't have to glue them up. I just used a Roller Lash mascara from Benefit on her lower lashes.


I needed a pastel shade for this eye makeup. I found it in the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Peachy Pink was my decision. It was applied with the 331/PRECISION LIP brush. I wrote about this palette multiple times in my posts, but there are many lovely shades in it so I may mention it again, soon. What makes this palette unique? A mixing plate. It's included with the palette so anyone who buys it can create an unlimited number of colour shades.

I applied the Infinity Glass from Linda Hallberg to make the makeup look wet. I worked with different brushes: 331/PRECISION LIP on her lips, the 237/DETAIL SHADER on her eyes and the 125/STIPPLING on her face.

Lívi is one of our favourite models, who is with us from the beginning. I'm sure you'll see her many times again on my site. Thank you Lívi!

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P.S.: The brushes I used on her face and eyes are all from Zoeva.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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