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Milk Makeup - Lip + Cheek

Hello! I'm here with a product review, again. I had a chance to test this product the last week. I never thought that I'll buy this little beauty, but I wanted to have my own creamy blush and this was the only product within this category I saw in Sephora (Nice, France). Maybe if I had more time the staff would have found me something else, but I was in a hurry so I opted for this one.

Price: 12£ - 12€ - 15$ / 20.50£ - 29.90€ - 28$

Weight: 6g / 28g

I purchased a travel size, because I wanted to test it only. Honestly, I didn't see the price of the full size product, because I decided to buy it the very last time, while waiting in the line at the cashier. If I had seen the difference in price and size I'm sure I would buy the normal size, not the mini, because in my opinion the travel size is overpriced and definitely not worth it. Unfortunately I didn't have possibility to check it in advance.

How does the brand describes the product?

Two-in-one stick doubles as a sheer blush and hydrating lip tint. Colour payoff builds as you swipe.

It can be used as a creamy blush and as a lip tint. I wanted to buy this kind of product for a long time, because I started to use a lipstick as a creamy blush and I liked the result. I wasn't disappointed with the quality of the product, fortunately. It can be blend out with fingers, brush or sponge. I tried it with my fingers, Zoeva Brushes (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER, 122/PETIT STIPPLING, 125/STIPPLING) and Beauty Blender. It's really easy to achieve a natural effect, but it's buildable, if you want it to be more intense.

Don't imagine it as an intense lipstick, because it isn't. It's like a tinted lip balm which gives a pale colour to the lips.

May it be used for other parts of the makeup? Of course. In my opinion it can be used on eyelids, too. The brand is not marketing it for that purpose so it's possible that it wasn't tested for that part of the face. You can work it out with your fingers or brushes, and it works well as a primer. It can be used under powdery shades to achieve better pigmentation, but this cheat works only if you work with the same shades.

I can recommend this product, but only the normal sized, because it's a better value and lasts you longer, of course. It's a multifunctional tool great and handy for every women.

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