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NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP - On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

Hello! I wrote you recently about a brush cleaner that was a bit disappointing to me. I mentioned in the post that I'll be looking for another brush cleaner, so this time I'll be reviewing this replacement product from NYX Professional Makeup. I was hopeful that I made the right decision, because brush cleaners are essential to my job. I use it several times even during one make up, so I can say that I wouldn't be able to work without it.

Price: 9£ - 10.90€ - 10$

Weight: 120ml

I've tested this product in the same way as the other brush cleaners. I'm not going to write about the process how I tested it, because it's already on my site and I try to avoid repeating myself all the time, mostly because I don't want this site to be boring. If you haven't read my previous posts about the brush cleaners, you can easily find it using the search engine which can be found in all sections except the home page.

Let's cover my experience with the product. The first and a very interesting finding was that it didn't damage the bristles of the brush. I was satisfied with the level of cleaning too. The brush won't be as beautiful as if it's cleaned with soap, but it's a much faster way of cleaning and it's sufficient if our job is to disinfect the brushes.

I love that it's easy to purchase the product. You can easily find it on the official site of the brand as well as on other third party resellers sites or their local NYX stores which can be found all over the globe. I can definitely recommend this product to you. I'll use it more and more, but of course it won't be me if I wouldn't try other products too. Stay tuned :) !

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