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NYX - Tame and Frame Brow Pomade

Welcome to my new post! I hope you won't be bored by this review. It wasn't long ago when I shared my opinion with you about an another brow product.

If this isn't your first time on this blog, you may know, that most of the products which I review are a bit higher price category. This is mainly because of my satisfaction of the reviewed brands. It's time to discover something new and more accessible, but giving the same or comparable results for much cheaper price.

Price: 7£ - 7.50€ - 7.50$

Weight: 5g

The pomade is available in 5 colours (Blonde, Brunette, Chocolate, Expresso, Black). I purchased all of these shades. I already own a lot of eyebrow products, but if I want to cover the whole range considering my clients, I thought it would be nice to have more colours.

The packaging is not as beautiful as I'm used to with the other products reviewed. There isn't much I can write you about it.

On the packaging it says that the pomade is smudge and waterproof. I was so eager to try them out! I started with the lightest (Blonde) shade and I was surprised how pigmented it is. I'll be honest I don't trust in cheaper products, because in the past I bought a lot of them and I was mostly disappointed. So back to the pigmentation. I was satisfied with it so I continued in my test. I went to the bathroom to test the removal. I wanted to know if it's really smudge and waterproof. I started to rub my eyebrows with my fingers in the front of the mirror. I quickly figured out that the pomade is smudge-proof. They weren't lying! The last thing I wanted to know what happens if it comes into contact with water. I was pleased with the result again, because nothing happened. I needed to use the makeup remover to take it off. You can use any make up remover you already have.

The Brunette, Chocolate and Expresso are very similar shades. You can order them online, because there isn't big difference in the shades, so you can't make a mistake. On the other hand I expected much bigger difference between colours. The pigmentation is what saved the product for me.

If you plan to buy only one colour I would avoid the black because it's not real black. It's more of a dark brown. The pigmentation didn't make a difference in this case. It's a great dark brown, but I wouldn't say black.

All in all I'm satisfied with these eyebrow products from NYX. The packaging (outer case cardboard design and using plastic pot instead of glass) was a bit off, but the pigmentation was quite great and everything what the brand wrote about the product was true!

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Thank you for reading my blog!

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