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PUPA MILANO - Made To Last Lip Duo, Eye Pencil Kohl

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

I’m coming with a new post today. I know it's Saturday and I used to publish on Sunday, but I needed to publish this post a bit earlier, because I will be out in the field during the weekend with limited internet connection.

This post will be about liquid lipsticks and pencils from Pupa Milano. Why did I buy them? I live in Slovakia and a lot of brands are out of reach in our country and to order from UK or US isn't always an option. Liquid lipsticks were interesting for me, and it's good to test something widely available. I wanted to try this formula immediately, and I decided to visit the local Pupa store and buy it. Usually I shop on the internet, but that was something special I wanted to test.

Made To Last Lip Duo

Price: 10.50€

Weight: 2x4ml

This liquid lipstick is available in 12 shades. I bought 4 of them for this test. You will find pinks, reds, oranges and some nudes in this collection. The shades are really nice and intense, but they should have more colours to choose from.

It is a double-ended liquid lipstick. The lipstick is located on one end and the gloss on the other end of the stick. If you like matte lipsticks, you can use it as a classic liquid lipstick. However, you can also wear it as a glossy one. Once you applied the matte lipstick you just have to apply the gloss on the lip.

At the first look, I was completely satisfied with it, but few hours later, it started to run off and it dried my mouth. My biggest problem with this liquid lipstick was that it is sticky and also very drying at the same time. I'm disappointed, because it might have been my must have liquid lipstick.

Easy Liner Eyes - Eye Pencil Kohl

Price: 6.40€

Weight: 1.1g

Pencils are available in several finishes and in 60 colours. I must say that they have a great variety of colours.

I bought 7 shades. The pencils have a soft, creamy texture. Every single shade I bought is very pigmented, but I don't think that the product is long-lasting.

I like the texture of these pencils, because it's easy to work with them, but unfortunately they smeared after few hours. I can't say that I was completely disappointed, but pencils like these should last longer.

This product review is two years old. Products stated in this blogpost from Pupa Milano may have been improved during this period.

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