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Runway Look

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hi! Welcome to my new makeup look section. I'm not going to write about products today. My intention is to show you different makeup looks from time to time with detailed description of how to do it. In this first article I wanted to present something unusual, special, which is little bit different than the makeup you would create for everyday. I thought that a runway makeup might be an interesting one to you.

I think you know how important it is to clean your face before applying the makeup, so this was the first step, of course.

The first real work begun with the face products. I mixed up two foundations (HUDA BEAUTY-FauxFilter and MAC-Studio Face and Body) and I applied them with a ZOEVA brush (117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER). The reason behind mixing them up is that the HUDA foundation has a high matte coverage and the MAC foundation is water based which makes them together a good option if you don't want to create matte effect. This is why I didn't use powder this time at all. The next step was contouring the face, using the Too Faced-Natural Face palette. I used Zoeva brush (109/LUXE FACE PAINT) for this part. The last face product I've used on my face was the highlighter. There is a creamy highlighter in the HUDA BEAUTY-3D palette, so I opted to use it. I prefer to apply it with my fingers. I use brush only for powder-based highlighters.

The next steps were about eyes and eyebrows. I chose to use a Kryolan palette (it will be reviewed in the upcoming months). The shades of this palette shall be dissolved with water before use. I shaped my eyebrows with ABH-Brush 12 painting them black. For the eyes I put a black and a gold shade on my eyelid with a Zoeva brush (137/PETIT FUN). It was important to apply them with just a small push to create that brushy effect. I tried to make the both sides symmetrical.

The lips were the last steps of creating the final look. I decided to use orange and red shades from the Kryolan palette. I applied these shades with the Zoeva brush (331/PRECISION LIP). I didn't hurry with this part because of the importance of having precise lines. I tried to make perfect arcs on all sides. It's very important to keep checking the makeup from different angles after application to be assured you didn't make any mistakes.

I painted my nails red to harmonise them with my lips and I drew black stripes on my fingers which fits the brushy eyelid painting.

Time spent: 1 hour (can be faster if necessary)

If you are a professional and you already discovered that I used several types of brushes, that do not necessarily fit in the area where I used them, you're right, but it's also important that if you want to be creative and create something new and interesting you also need to cross some imaginary boundaries. If you have an idea, a new look that just popped up in your head, be free to use any of the tools, even if it's not their original purpose.

I'm planning to show you dozens of makeup looks in the future. Be tuned and search for a new post every Sunday! :)

My blog isn't sponsored by any brand. The content is created based on my experience with the products I use on myself and my clients!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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