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SEPHORA COLLECTION - Solid brush cleaner, No-rinse brush cleaner spray

Last week was without any post, but it's Sunday again and I'll share my thoughts about two products from SEPHORA's own collection. I think it's time to write about brush cleaners a little bit. These products are very important, if you want to do your makeup with clean brushes (I hope that's the case with everyone). It is an absolute necessity if you want to do your makeup accurately. Your client will be also much more satisfied. Why is this so important? Imagine the eyeliner brush with gel on it for days. Could you draw a perfect eyeliner with such tool?!

Solid brush cleaner

Price: 9.99€

Weight: 30g

You'll find a soap and a silicone cleaning mat, inside.

How to use it?

- At first, wet the brush.

- Dip it into the soap.

- Wash out the makeup from the bristles with the cleaning map.

- Rinse the bristles of the brush with water.

I recommend using it once a week, because it won't be as difficult to wash out the makeup from the brush in this case.

I have seen multiple reviews of the product where they mention daily use. I don't use it like this, because cleaning the brush takes some time which I can't afford to lose when working. The second product which I'll show you is slightly different and is perfect for everyday use.

No-rinse brush cleaner spray

Price: 6.99€

Weight: 60ml

The cleaner spray is essential in my makeup bag. It helps me take care of my brushes. I can quickly clean them with this product and the bristles dries fast. I use it daily and it works well.

There're many reasons why it's important to use it. It isn't a replacement product for the soap I mentioned earlier. It's great when switching between colours or when switching between clients. I recommend to clean your brushes with it before starting to work on every new make up.

Important notice

I plan to start a new section on the blog, where I'll teach you how to use the products I reviewed. The first blogpost will be ready in the coming weeks. I can't wait to share it with you :)

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