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Silvery and Wet

Hello, I'm back with a new article! Today you'll see a new face, new model on my blog. During the makeup course we were given two homeworks every week and she was my very first returning model, and it's the first time you can see her on my blog!

This article will be a little bit special, because at first we created an usual makeup, but we turned it into the wet-look later. I'll show you both looks in this blogpost. 


The first step was cleaning her whole face with micellar water. I used the pink one from Bioderma (as you may have read in my previous posts), because it's for sensitive skin.

The foundation I used on her face was the Face and Body foundation from MAC. I mixed up two shades to get the one which copies her skin tone perfectly. It was applied with the Beauty Blender and I like the natural effect it brings. It's quite different if I work with a brush. I don't say the only option to create natural look is using the mentioned Beauty Blender but it's easier and much faster to do so.

I skipped the powder, because I like the dewy effect on photos.

This time I used creamy contours and blush only. At first I picked up the Contour Palette and I applied the Light Sculpt shade with the 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER. The second step was to blush. I chose the Soft Pink shade from the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I worked with the same brush again. 

The last product on her face was the highlighter. Huda Beauty has multiple 3D highlighter palette editions. I own the Pink Sands edition and I decided to use this palette. The Capri is it's only creamy highlighter. I applied it with my fingers on her cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupid's Bow, brow bone and inner eyes.


I was lucky with her eyebrows, because she has them naturally beautiful. I just combed out her brows with the #12 brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s still my favourite brush for this step. I used the Hydro Mastix from Kryolan on her brows, again of course, because it helps them to stay in place. After this step I just draw her missing threads. All I needed for this is my Dipbrow Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I chose the Medium Brown shade. What did we achieve? Her eyebrows still look natural and it was our goal which we managed to reach.


The first thing was to apply the Prep + Prime eyeshadow base primer from MAC and I applied it with my fingers, as always. It was an important step to keep the shades vibrant but also to prolong the time they last.

I wanted to add at least a little colour to this makeup, so I started to work with the Delirious shade of the Full Spectrum palette from Urban Decay. I worked on the crease with the 231/LUXE PETIT CREASE. The next shade applied was the Armour from the Naked Smoky palette from Urban Decay, again. I chose to have this shade for her whole eyelids. The brush I used for this part was the 237 DETAIL SHADER. I sprayed some Prep + Prime to this brush, because I wanted to increase the intensity of colour. I wanted to create nice transitions, so I needed another shade, the Smolder. The 227/LUXE SOFT DEFINER is my favourite brush and it did the job quite well again.

To emphasise her eyes I used the black shade from the Textured Shadows palette from Huda Beauty as an eyeliner. I like to use the 317/WING LINER for this step. It's a thin tripped brush designed exactly for precise application. The Black Truffle is a perfect matte black colour. I used it on the lower eyelids, too. I recommend you to use brushes like the 226/SMUDGER for this part. I was wondering what was I still missing, so I decided to use the Jet Waterproof Créme Color, a black shade on her waterline. I used the 317/WING LINER for this step, too.

As a last action for the eyes I applied the Natural Black Wispies from Ardell and glued them up with the Lash Glue Dark Tone from Huda Beauty to emphasise her eyes even more.


If you are still with me and you didn't fall asleep it means you are a makeup addict like me and I can also be happy that I managed to steal your attention for at least another minute.

We got to the last part. Her lips will make you jealous. She has naturally thick lips. I'm confident to say that she had the same lips ever since, because we were classmates in elementary school and we still are good friends, so I can confirm they are real.

My job was easy this time. I just picked up the Warm Sandy Brown shade from Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and applied it with the 331/PRECISION LIP. It was clear for me since the beginning that a brownish lipstick would be the best option for this makeup.

I mentioned earlier that this post will have two pictures and two looks. When we finished her makeup we moistened her hair with water and I applied the Infinity Glass from Linda Hallberg with my fingers on her whole face. The product review I wrote about the mentioned magic, will go online next week. Don't forget to come back!

Time Spent: 1 hour and 45 minutes

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P.S.: The brushes I used on her face and eyes are all from Zoeva.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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