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Hi! I'm back with a new post again featuring my returning model - Lívi.

I know we're already in autumn now and I should have made a makeup which fits more into this seasons colours, but today we'll use a little bit greenly blue in this tutorial. I'm sure there'll be an autumn makeup, too, but I still prefer spring or summer shades.


I think I said it at least a million times but the first step is always the same. I cleaned her whole face with micellar water from Bioderma. I used the pink one, as I always do.

I wanted to test my new Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear foundation from Fenty Beauty, but she has a beautiful and permanently healthy skin, so I preferred the Face and Body foundation from MAC. It's a water based foundation with a light coverage, so this foundation gives a more natural effect to the skin.

I used the Born This Way concealer from Too Faced under her eyes and I blended it with my Beauty Blender. I like to use the Beauty Blender under the eyes, because the result will be natural and the concealer won't sit in wrinkles.

The next step was the contour. I decided to use only one creamy product. I picked up the Contour Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The shade I used on her face was the Light Sculpt. I applied it with the 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER. It has a perfectly angled brush head, so it become my favourite brush for this step. The shade can be blended out with Beauty Blender, too. Sometimes, I use the brush first and as a second step I use the Beauty Blender to get a really natural and light contour.

After the contouring there comes the blush. I used a Werk shade from Milk, which is a light pink shade. It can be used on cheeks and lips, too. To blend out the shade I used the 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER, again.

The last step on the face was the highlighter. I never leave out this part, because it gives a beautiful glow to the face. I chose the Sun Dipped Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The summer shade was applied with the 129/LUXE FAN brush. I used it on her cheekbones and on the Cupid's bow.


I didn't have to do much with her eyebrows. I just had to comb them out and draw the missing threads. I used my ever favourite brush (#12 from Anastasia Beverly Hills) and Dipbrow Pomade for this step. The brush is double-ended, so it was perfect for these steps. To finish the eyebrows I had to comb out the threads one more time with the Brow Set from MAC.


Today, I used only light shades on her eyes. At first, I applied the Prep + Prime eyeshadow base primer from MAC with my fingers, as always. I wrote it several times, but I will repeat myself again to cover my new followers and readers :). It helps to prolong the shades and keeps them vibrant all day. (I really recommend to use a primer on eyelids.)

I started to work with eye pencils from PUPA Milano. I bought them two years ago and unfortunately they are discontinued so I'm not going to name them by their marketed name. I used a bronze shade on her upper eyelids and a greenly blue on her lower. To set the bronze shade I had to use the Blessed shade from Textured Shadows Palette from Huda Beauty. I worked it out with the 234/LUXE SMOKY SHADER, because it's my favourite brush to apply the powdery shades. I blended the shades with the 227/LUXE SOFT DEFINER to create nice transitions. On the lower eyelids I used the 230/LUXE PENCIL. I stopped for a second to rethink the makeup again but finally, I decided to use the Waterproof Créme Color gel liner in brown -Sable- from Anastasia Beverly Hills on her waterline. I used the 317/WING LINER for this step. The Darkhorse shade from the Naked palette from Urban Decay was a perfect fit as an eyeliner. I draw the thin line with the 317/WING LINER.

What was still missing? The false lashes. I applied the Natural Black Wispies from Ardell and glued them up with the Lash Glue Dark Tone from Huda Beauty. I like these lashes, because they aren't too long and thick, but they still emphasise her eyes enough.


We're coming closer to the finish line. I draw a little bit thicker lips for Lívi this time. I needed a light pink shade for this look, so I opted for the Soft Pink shade from Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I used a lip gloss from Zoeva to optically thicken her lips even more. This shade bears the name - Join The Dance. The lip products were applied with the 331/PRECISION LIP.

As the temperatures drop I'll work more and more in our little home studio to bring you more and more posts. When I look at the statistics there is a slight increase of readers every month so I'm optimistic for the future, but I'll thank you share my blog in any possible way. This blog is not sponsored by any brand, and every word written is my own. Don't forget to check back from time to time, I have a lot coming this winter! Thank you :)

P.S.: The brushes I used on her face and eyes are all from Zoeva.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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