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Spring in Our Studio

Hello! I'm back with a makeup look with our new model, Anna. She has experiences in this field, and it definitely wasn't her first time doing photoshoots. The last time we put some leaves into the picture and in this shoot we used flowers. I don't say I will always do this, but I like it, for sure!


It doesn't matter if the model wears makeup or not, I always start with micellar water from Bioderma. It wasn't different with Anna.

The first product I used on her face was the Face and Body foundation from MAC. I tapped a thin layer to her skin with the 104/BUFFER. She has a pretty skin with only a few imperfections. This lightweight foundation looked perfect on her skin.

Even if her skin was beautiful I had to cover some small imperfections with a concealer. I used the Concealer Palette from Zoeva with the 142/CONCEALER BUFFER. I also managed to have the dark circles under the eyes disappear to get a fresh look. The brush was perfect and I didn't feel the need for a new one, but when I saw that Zoeva introduced a new product, the 146/CONCEALER PERFECTOR, I've changed my mind. I like the angled head of the brush and I believe this change can increase precision thus making it better. I hope I will try it out and will share my thoughts with you, soon!

Let's continue my description with the Contour Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I opted for the Java shade, because it was the lightest brown from the palette and Anna has a fairy/light skin tone. The 117/PETIT DEFINED BUFFER is still my favourite brush to apply and blend out the contour shades, so I didn't hesitate when picking it up. I continued working until I got it right.

If I wanted to get a fresh and natural look I needed another product, the blush. The Werk shade from Milk was my choice again. I think I will always find a reason to use this product... :D This light pink blush was easily applied and blended out with the same brush I used for contouring.

We came to the last part on her face, the highlighter. The one you can see on her face is the Ibiza shade from the 3D highlighter palette/The Pink Sands Edition from Huda Beauty. It's a powdery one, what means I couldn't use my fingers, but the 129/LUXE FAN brush was at my help. I was satisfied with the result, because this combination of products helped me to got the look I've imagined.


I wrote in my previous posts that I planned to buy some new brow products. Unfortunately the virus intervened, so it's not that simple to order and buy them. The stores are closed and everything isn't available on the web. Don't get me wrong it isn't my biggest problem in the world right know. I just wanted to inform you that my promise is still valid and if I'll have the opportunity to show the new products for the brow as well as other sections which I planned to, I'll do it.

Let's see how we got the eyebrows as you see them in the photo. At first, I combed out her brows with BROWVO! Conditioning Primer from Benefit Cosmetics. It was important, because it helped me to get optically thicker brows. How? The BROWVO! contains a primer, which keeps the threads in place plus I combed the threads upwards. I saw where the threads are missing, so I needed only one more step to get perfect, but still natural brows. I had to draw her missing threads and the Brow Palette from Zoeva was at my help. Her eyebrows are naturally dark just as her hair and I found the best match in this palette, the darkest brown. I applied it with the #12 brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and it worked out well, I think.


We talked a lot with Anna and she told me that she's not used to wearing makeup. It was one of the reasons I decided to create something natural, because the vibrant makeup could have been weird for her and I didn't want to disappoint her.

It doesn't matter if I work with natural or vivid shades the primer is always a good idea. The Prep + Prime eyeshadow base primer from MAC Cosmetics was used on her whole eyelids applied with my fingers. When the base was ready I moved on to the shades.

The Textured Shadows Palette from Huda Beauty helped me to create this makeup. The first shade was a light brown shade, the Sandalwood, which was applied on her crease with 221/LUXE SOFT CREASE. It helped me to get a nice transition. It's important to use it only on the creases and blend it out perfectly. I never finish until something isn't ready.

When I was satisfied with the brown shade on her crease, I started to work from the inner corner to the outer corner. On the inner corner a light pink shade, called Angelic, was used. I needed to apply it very precisely, so I needed a small brush. The 237/DETAIL SHADER is my favourite for precise application.

The 24K was the next shade which is a truly gold colour. It's amazingly pigmented. I used it in the middle of her eyelids, with the same small brush I used before. It can be applied with fingers, too, because the glittery shades are a little bit creamy in this palette.

The last shade I used was the Sandalwood, which I used as a first shade on her crease. I needed it on her outer corner and the lower lash line, too. I applied it with several types of brushes. The 221/LUXE SOFT CREASE for application and blending, but it was also important to get a little transition between all the shades, so I opted for the 227/LUXE SOFT DEFINER, again on her outer corner. The same shade was applied on her lower lash line, but this time I used the 226/SMUDGER. This brush has short bristles, which makes the application easy.

One last thing for this part. I prepared the Natural Black Wispies from Ardell and I glued them up. (I'll order false lashes from different brands, soon, because I'm sure you are tired of this product).


Her lips are naturally thick, but a little bit asymmetric. It's not really visible in real life, but I know from experience, that it can be visible on photos. I chose a light shade, because natural ones are usually the best for such corrections.

My choice was the Peachy Pink shade from the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which was applied with the 331/PRECISION LIP. I decided to use a lip gloss from Zoeva Cosmetics on the top of her lips to have them look even thicker and healthier. The shade I used was the Join the Dance, which is a little bit browny, but still transparent gloss. The final result was perfectly symmetrical and shiny.

To sum it up! I met a really nice and kind girl, who lives in the same city as me and I hope this wasn't our last collaboration. I hope you are all satisfied with today's post. I still need to learn a lot, but I think the site slowly but steadily grows in the right direction quality wise as well as myself as MUA. I will get back to you next week with a makeup look, but the model will only be me, since all the photoshoots I planned with models had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. It means you will see me quite often in the coming weeks, but I promise, as soon as the situation gets better and we can continue our work in a healthy manner, I will be back with all our current models and more!

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P.S.: The brushes I used on her face and eyes are all from Zoeva.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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