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Textured Shadows Palette - Rose Gold Edition

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Welcome back! I apologise for leaving you without new makeup look for a long time. Maybe my tan is not quite there yet for a makeup look I am going to show you today, but I thought it´s worth a try. I'll use bronzed shades on my eyes and just as in my previous post I'll use only one eyeshadow palette for this look to show you what makeups you can make with certain palettes. The palette I chose this time is the - Textured Shadows Palette-Rose Gold Edition!


The first step is always the same. I cleaned my whole face before applying the makeup.

The foundation is the one I always start the makeup with. It is the base for the whole makeup, so this is the time when it can be applied most accurately. I mixed up the Born This Way foundation from Too Faced with the Face and Body foundation from MAC and applied it with the 104/BUFFER brush. I worked quickly and easily with this brush, because of the bristles it has. The reason of the mixing up these foundations was that the Born This Way has a creamy medium-coverage and the Face and Body is water based with a light one. Using them together gives the model a natural, but perfect skin.

I skip the powder during photoshoots, because I don't want to get matte result.

The next step was the contour and the blush. I chose the Natural Face palette from Too Faced this time and picked up the Pink Wink and the Sunny Honey shades with the 101/LUXE FACE DEFINER.

The last product on my face was the highlighter. I decided to use the 3D highlighter palette from Huda Beauty. The brand has multiple 3D highlighter palette editions. The one I own is the Pink Sands edition. I applied the Azores shade of this palette with the 129/LUXE FAN brush.


I took care about the eyebrows with a technique which I described a couple of time already. The very first step is always to comb out the eyebrows. I used the Hydro Mastix Washable Spirit Gum from Kryolan to have them stay on place, exactly where I want them to stay. The next important step is drawing the missing threads with the Dipbrow Pomade's Medium Brown shade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I think it's important to draw only the threads, if you want to get a natural eyebrow look.


The title said it all, the only palette I used on my eyes was the Textured Shadows Palette - Rose Gold Edition from HUDA BEAUTY ( eye shades only).

The first thing was to apply the Prep + Prime eyeshadow base primer from MAC with my fingers. It was important to prolong the shades and keeps them vibrant all day.

I applied the Henna shade on the crease, and worked with the 231/LUXE PETIT CREASE. The next shade I used was the Coco, which I needed on my outer eyelids. The brush I used for this part was the 234/SMOKY SHADER. I needed to blend out these two shades with the 227/LUXE SOFT DEFINER. The last shade I chose was the beautiful Trust Fund. I applied it on my inner eyelids with my fingers, again. I used only one shade on the lower eyelids, the Bossy shade.

I decided to emphasise my eyes with the Waterproof Créme Color gel liner from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I used the Jet, which is a black shade. You can see it in the picture on my eyelids and waterline, too. It was applied with the 317/WING LINER, which is thin tipped and I can only recommend it if you're looking for the right product to create perfect eyeliner look. It's easy and quick to work with it thanks to it's bristles.

Let's talk about the lashes. I used the Lash Curler from MAC to have my lashes look longer than they are. Another thing this makeup needed were the false lashes and I decided to use the Natural Black Wispies from Ardell and glued them up with the Lash Glue Dark Tone from Huda Beauty.


The last and one of my favourite part when creating any make up. I decided to use two products on my lips. The first product is the Rich Oak Brown lipstick from the Lip Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It's a natural shade of brown, which I think was a very good combination with my eyes. The second product was the lip gloss from Zoeva, and it’s Join The Dance shade. I used the 331/PRECISION LIP for both products. The lipstick was important to get some attention for the lips too. The lip gloss gave a shiny look to the lips. The lip gloss wasn’t necessary, matte would’ve done it just as good, but lip gloss was a bit more sexy this time.

Time Spent: 1 hour and 30 minutes

You can make any kind of makeup with this palette, of course. I'll try to give you more looks as an inspiration on my social sites.

P.S.: (The brushes I used on my face and eyes are all from Zoeva.)

Thank you for reading my blog!

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