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Too Faced - Born This Way Foundation

Hi! The product I'm about to review today is a one which I tested a year ago but never written about it. It was my first product from Too Faced. I bought it again just a few weeks ago so I decided to write my thoughts. You may have already found out that I was satisfied, but you still don't know why!

Price: 29£ - 39€ - 39$

Weight: 30ml

The Born This Way foundation is available in 35 shades. It's a wide colour range what means nobody will have trouble finding a match. It has a medium-coverage, but it can be built up and blends perfectly using brush, or sponge. 104 BUFFER brush from Zoeva is perfect for applying the foundation and if you prefer using sponges I recommend the Beauty Blender. They may seem a bit expensive (they are), but if you want to make top class make ups these tools will reward you at the end. You and your clients will be happy with the results and that's exactly why we work!

The foundation has a creamy formula and dispenses through a pump dispenser. My skin is dry, but I can still use the product without having my skin dried out even more. It's a good option to all of you with sensitive skin, because it's fragrance free. It's important to know that it's not a traditional matte foundation, so if you're a fan of matte skin, it won't be your favourite. I like the dewy finish so it wasn't a dealbreaker to me. Usually if I choose a matte foundation I always mix it with a water based one or a moisturiser oil/cream to get a healthy, glow skin.

Too Faced says it's a natural looking foundation. I don't want to say that it's not completely true, but the results show that it's not as natural as advertised. But anyway, I like their marketing strategy, the words they use and even the name of the product.

The product is cruelty-free and vegan.

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