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Too Faced - Natural Face Palette

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Hi everyone! I would like to apologise for not uploading this post on time (Sunday). This weekend was one of my busiest, but it helped me to create new content which I will share with you soon.

This article is about the first face product which will be reviewed from Too Faced on my blog, but not the first which I've tried from this brand. During our trip to Prague I've seen the Natural Face Palette in Sephora, but my boyfriend talked me out of it. I was suspicious, but forgot about it quite fast. A month later it landed on my deck as a birthday gift from my granny. Does your boyfriend help out the whole family with gift ideas, too? Another thing I would like to mention is that I don't like to buy single shades. The palettes are much nicer, they're easier to store and they give a wider choice. I'm happy that my family opted for this, instead of buying me multiple singles.

Price: 35£ - 43€ - 44$

Weight: 23g

The Natural Face palette comes with 6 shades. This product doesn't contain vivid colours, but a natural selection of shades only:

two highlighters: Starlight, Satin Sheets;

two blushes: Pink Wink - satin, Pink Sands - matte;

two bronzers: Sunny Honey - matte, Tropic Like It's Hot - satin.

The palette has an elegant, but sturdy packaging with lace floral motives. You can see the brand and a product name on the top. It comes with a large mirror inside and it's quite usable. I was able to see my whole face without the need for an additional bigger mirror. The product doesn't include a brush.

This face palette is perfumed. When you open it, you'll smell a strong but fine coconut scent. (Unfortunately, I can't show that fragrance trough the pictures.) It is infused with a hydrating coconut butter and the powders have a little bit creamy texture. They are extremely pigmented, but don't worry, the shades blend easily. The shades all blend out with any brush (I used brushes from Zoeva). The palette has every shade you need to sculpt the face with. The packaging contains a card, which gives you suggestions on how to use the palette.

The Natural Face palette gives you a beautiful natural look and I recommend it mainly to makeup artists and girls who have a warmer skin tone.

The brand is cruelty-free.

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