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URBAN DECAY - de-slick

Welcome back! Today, I'll be reviewing a setting spray from URBAN DECAY. I've read many positive reviews about it so I decided to try it out. I hoped I won't be disappointed. This will be my first setting spray which was only a setting spray without any added features like primer, etc.

Price: 24£ - 30€ - 32$ / 10£ - 13€ - 15$

Weight: 118ml (Normal size) / 30ml (Travel size)

The product is an oil control makeup setting spray. What does it mean? Will the makeup last longer? Your first thoughts will be that you had just blown a little expensive ''water'' on your face. You may therefore think that it may be an unnecessary step, and just an another expensive product on the market. Let's see what's the truth.

It's not a cheap product, but If you opt to buy it, I recommend to buy a normal size which will be enough for everyday use. As you can see above, the travel size is approximately half the price, but you get significantly less quantity. Buy it if you need to travel by air with a cabin baggage only!

When I first tried out this setting spray I was afraid of the makeup being smudged and was worrying how will my makeup look at the end. It feels weird that a watery formula like this helps to keep the makeup on place or takes away the powdery look. The brand promises that the de-slick can make all of the above mentioned plus it's perfect for oil or shine control on the face. I've a dry skin, so I wasn't able to test it on myself, but I used it on my clients. Based on their feedbacks and the results I have seen I can confirm that no correction was needed during day/night and all of them were satisfied how long it lasted. Durability wasn't questioned either. I will test more and more setting sprays in the future to be able to judge how well they perform when compared to each other. This one took care of the job perfectly!

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