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URBAN DECAY - Full Spectrum, NAKED Illuminated Trio

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

I'll be reviewing two products from Urban Decay. Two palettes that kept my eye from the day of the release. I know that the Full Spectrum is not a usual palette, but that's exactly why I wanted to buy it. I had a lot of palettes before buying this one, but mainly with brownish colours. I like neutral shades, but I needed bright colours too. However, the second palette covers mainly subtle colours.

Full Spectrum

Price: 43£

Weight: 21x1.2g

The Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette was a limited edition (you can no longer buy it officially). It comes packaged in black cardboard case. You can see the shades, the brand and the product name in silver letters on the top. The design of this case is exceptionally beautiful. The palette has a black sturdy packaging. There is a colourful jeweled UD's raised emblem on the lined black backdrop.

The palette has a huge mirror and a double-ended brush inside. If this brand includes a brush it is usually well made, good quality brush usable every day.

The set contains 21 shades. This palette is definitely a full spectrum of colours. You can find pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple trios. The last column is white to black. You'll able to create ombre looks easily using these shades. Palettes like this are so rare. Every palette has neutral shades, but only few of them are very well covered giving you a wide spectrum. It means, that you end up having many palettes but small range of colours. The shades are soft and buildable. I always use the eyeshadow primer at first.

I know that palettes are usually designed to be able to create neutral looks for everyday and therefore making it possible to own just one palette for every occasion, but at the other end that is bullshit, because people who want to spend that much money on make-up don't really end up with only one. The ideal world would be having mini and travel sized palettes covering the shades you use often and having different spectrum of colours which you would be able to buy with other palettes. These would be for enthusiast and professionals. But the world is not ideal, right? :)

NAKED Illuminated Trio

Price: 29£

Weight: 3x2.5g

The Illuminated Trio highlighter palette was a limited edition just like the Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette.

The palette comes with 3 shades:

Pyrite - brown shade with golden reflect;

Oasis - silver shade with pink reflect;

Twilight - pink shade with purple reflect.

The packaging is simple and gorgeous. The case and a palette looks the same. The cover got a beautiful minimalist look. You can see the brand and a product name on the top in big silver letters. The palette is made of a cardboard and has a magnetic closure.

The palette includes a double-ended brush and a large mirror to the size of the palette.

The shades are baked powder with shimmer. It gives a healthy, natural glow. I use the Oasis and the Twilight very often, because the Pyrate is too dark for my skin tone.

I have purchased these palettes from Urban Decay (UK).

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