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URBAN DECAY - Troublemaker Mascara

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

I will share my thoughts about Troublemaker mascara from URBAN DECAY. Do you remember the post about the Benefit Mascara? If yes, you know that I bought something new I couldn't resist. We're in Prague and we went to Sephora, because I wanted to buy something new. My boyfriend likes when I use mascara and that's why we didn't leave the store without it (if I don't stop that habit this blog will become boring to you :D ). He chose this product, because he knows I love URBAN DECAY and it was all about palettes to me until Troublemaker. If you've read my previous posts, you already knew that, but now let's see what their mascaras are capable of.

Price: 5.40£ - 15€ - 11$ (Travel) / 19.50£ - 27€ - 24$ (Normal)

Weight: 3g / 7.3g

The case and the product itself shares the same design. The packaging is full of the product and a brand name too, as usual. The Troublemaker mascara got a brilliantly designed packaging. It comes in a prismatic barrel. It has a double-wall and the barrel of the mascara is encased in a secondary clear tube.

The brush is spiked with various lengths of silicone bristles. I usually prefer silicone bristles and I was satisfied with them again. It is a fiber infused mascara and fortunately it didn't irritate my eyes. It gives a good volume without weighing down your lashes. The wand perfectly separated my lashes, but the application should have been easier. Their formula is intensively black. I wore it all day long and it was hard to see any smudging. It holds so much, that the brand calls it SEX proof. Is it s... proof? I think it is :)

If you want to remove it, it comes off easily with any makeup remover.

The product is cruelty-free and vegan.

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