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Zoeva - Authentik Skin Foundation

Welcome back! Today I'll be reviewing the Authentik Skin Foundation from Zoeva Cosmetics. When I first saw the brand's foundation on the Instagram, I knew I have to try it. I instantly ordered the product, because I have been satisfied previously with many of their products, except one. I think that's not a bad rate at all.

Price: 25£ - 26€ - 28$

Weight: 30ml

Let's get into it! What I've got is standard amount of foundation for a friendly price. Yes, I know that there're cheaper products on the market, but for the quality we get, I think it's reasonably priced.

The foundation is available in 44 shades. A variety of cool, neutral and warm undertones. It's a really great colour range and it means that anyone can find the best match. I ordered one from each undertones to test them.

I think it's important to mention that it's a lightweight foundation, which means the bigger skin imperfections won't be covered. It can be built up, of course, but you've to remember that it's still not a full-coverage foundation. I don't think it's a problem, because there are plenty of girls with near perfect skin. It's a great product for them.

The texture of this product is somewhere between dewy or matte. It gives a completely natural effect to the skin. If it's applied just as a thin layer it's almost invisible on the skin.

How about the ease of the application and blending? It's very easy with a brush, but even with a sponge. It doesn't dry out the skin and sits well in the small wrinkles thus covering them.

I've only good experience with the product, but I can recommend it mostly for the girls with a nice skin with minimal imperfections.

The right foundation is a key to a perfect makeup. I'll be testing more foundations this year and will definitely share my experiences with you. I hope it will help you!

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