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ZOEVA - Brow Spectrum

Welcome back! This time, I'll share my thoughts about the Brow Spectrum palette from Zoeva. I usually prefer brow pomades instead of brow palettes, but do you remember the make up course I mentioned in one of my articles? We used this product quite often and I also thought it's time to write about brow powder, too.

Price: 19.50£ - 24.50€ - 26.50$

Weight: 9x1.5g

The Brow Spectrum contains 9 shades, what means this palette is almost good for everyone. Zoeva added 6 eyebrow shades and 3 highlighters into the palette. There is a variety of shades suitable to blond and black hair types. I must say that the selection of highlighters is admirable; cool-toned with shimmer, warm-toned with shimmer and matte. The shades are well pigmented what makes them easier to work with. The downsize of those powders is the fact that you can't draw missing eyebrow threads with them.

The product has a friendly pricing. 9 shades for a 24.50€! This means that one shade costs under 3€. Have you ever bought a really good product for such a good price?

How do I use it? It is perfect when you use it in combination with a brow pomade. I need to mention that if you combine pomade with a powdery brow shade, always use powder first. The pretty first step is choosing the right shade and to apply it with the brush of your choice. I use ABH-Brush 12 for that part. This one is my favourite for the eyebrows, because it's bristles are hard what means it's easy to work with. This powder gives a good base. The second step is using the pomade of your choice. It's perfect for drawing the missing eyebrow threads. The final part is to shape and comb the threads for example with the transparent Brow Set from MAC. Yes, I know there is no time for so many steps on a busy day but consider my words as my guide to achieving perfect eyebrows. If you want to be quick, use only one product for the eyebrow.

In my opinion this product is a universal palette. Why do I call an eyebrow palette an universal one? If the need pushes you and you don't have other palettes or options available you can create basic natural eyeshadow looks using the Brow Spectrum palette only, and the highlighters which were created for the brow bones can also be used on cheekbones.

I can recommend this palette, because of the pigmentation level and the good price. If you are a makeup artist or just love to be creative with your makeup, this palette is absolutely a good idea for you.

When I was writing this post I realised I don't have any article reviewing brow pencils. I'll be honest, I don't use any brow pencil at all, but in the future I'll try to buy some great ones and I'll share my experiences with you, of course.

I hope you like this blogpost! :)

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