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ZOEVA - Concealer Spectrum Palette, Contour Spectrum Powder Palette

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

I would like to apologise, for the last week being without new post. We were moving to a new apartment and were full of work.

Today, I'm going to review two products from ZOEVA. I got these palettes as a birthday gift in 2017. I chose to review them to cover face products, instead of writing about the same parts of the make up world every week.

I like that the palettes come in a sleek, black cardboard packaging. ZOEVA has always been doing an elegant design. These products have a magnetic closure which is practical.

Contour Spectrum Powder Palette

Price: 14.50£ - 18.50€ - 19.50$

Weight: 4x3.5g

The Contour Spectrum powder palette comes with 4 face powders, including a highlighter, setting powder and two contouring shades. I use it mostly for contouring my cheekbones, forehead and nose.

The highlighter has a white shade with a gold reflect. I tried many different highlighters and I personally don't like this powdery texture. I used brushes 105/LUXE HIGHLIGHT, 129/LUXE FAN and 137/PETIT FAN brush during the test. All of these brushes are from Zoeva. Brush 105 and 129 is used to highlight face and nose and 137 is for the tiny places around eyes.

The setting powder has a yellow shade, which is not a big problem for me, but unfortunately it doesn't set the foundation and the concealer as I wanted. I usually apply the setting powder with Beauty Blender or with brush 104/BUFFER and I drop the unnecessary powder with 101/LUXE FACE DEFINER or 106/POWDER from my face after few minutes.

The kit contains one cool contour shade and one warmer shade. Both of them are buildable and I use them quite often. I think it's not enough to use the powder itself. I recommend to use cream contour at first, before applying the powder. I blended out the shades with brush 127/LUXE SHEER CHEEK from Zoeva.

Concealer Spectrum Palette

Price: 17.50£ - 22.50€ - 26.50$

Weight: 9x1.1g

The Concealer Spectrum palette comes with 9 highly pigmented concealer shades. They have a creamy texture and camouflage the eye darkness, conceals discoloration, spots and blemishes.

I always have to use a moisturizing cream before applying the concealer, because it's little bit drying without it. The setting powder is also a must-have product, when I use these concealers. I always saw some creasing when I tried to use these shades. The creasing starts few minutes after application.

I apply the shades with brush 142/CONCEALER BUFFER and blend them out with Beauty Blender.

Based on my experience with the ZOEVA's brushes which I have been using for a long time, I thought that the quality of the reviewed palettes will be higher. I am disappointed, but I will definitely try more products from them in the future, and I will hope that the rest of their lineup is worth trying.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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