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Zoeva - Melody Lip Gloss

Hi there! I'm here with a new product review. Today, I'll write about the Melody Lip Gloss from Zoeva Cosmetics. It's the first review about a lip gloss on my site in general, but don't worry, it won't stay like this for long because I have another lip gloss reviews prepared and I'll share my thoughts about these products soon.

Price: 11£ - 13.50€ - 16.80$

Weight: 6.5ml

If you remember, I wrote a review about the Pure Velours Lips about a year ago. I didn't like this particular liquid lipstick, but when I saw the brand's Melody Collection, I was just amazed. I decided to try out their lip gloss and I hoped I won't be disappointed. I gave them a chance, because I like most of their products.

The Melody Lip Gloss is available in 5 shades: Fly Away, Become a Butterfly, Join The Dance, Radiant Flight, Spread Your Wings. I tried all five colours at the store and I really liked all. I bought only one of them, the Join The Dance shade. This shade is a peachy nude with a gold shimmer. It was difficult to not buy the other shades, too, but I knew it would be better to test one before buying the whole collection.

There are two ways how to use this product:

  • Just as a lipgloss without any lipstick on the lips

  • Use as a topper on the lipstick

Unfortunately the product isn't long lasting, but we can't expect this from a lip gloss. However, I think it looks nice on the lips and it's perfect for the photoshoots. I use it often with a matte lipstick, because it makes the lips look more hydrated and full.

For those who haven't tried a lip gloss for a long time, I've to tell you, that these products have evolved and aren't as sticky, as they used to be, but it's still not possible to compare them with lipsticks, of course.

I really like this product, but I don't want to say I recommend it or not, because everyone should know if they need lip gloss. This is the type of the product which is not a must have, but if you use it, it can make a big difference.

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