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ZOEVA - Pure Velours Lips, Graphic Lips

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Welcome back on my site! Do you remember my last writing about lipstick products? It was such a long time since my last post. Several weeks ago I was wondering about what to review next and I realised that I've never covered lip pencils on my blog so I thought it'll be a good idea to connect these two products in one article. Fortunately, I already own these two products from ZOEVA. What their lipsticks and lip pencils look like? Let's see.

Pure Velours Lips

Price: 9.50£ - 11.50€ - 12.80$

Weight: 6.5ml

The Pure Velours Lips lipstick is available in 8 shades. It's not really a wide range of colours therefore I wouldn't recommend it to makeup artists.

The packaging has the same elegant but minimalistic black design like the other ZOEVA's products. On the transparent lipstick tube you can see the brand and a product name. I like their tubes mainly because you can see the shade without the necessity to open it.

I got only one shade and I have to say that the colour is pretty, but all the good ends there. I'm not satisfied with the coverage, because it wasn't consistent on my lips after the application. I've tried it out multiple times on different people, but the results were the same. It isn't easy to work with. Neither the texture nor the applicator of this lipstick was up to my expectations.

I was hoping that it will be a good product, because it has a great price and all these colours which are available are beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't recommend it to anyone. This product isn't the ZOEVA we are used to.

Graphic Lips

Price: 5.50£ - 6.50€ - 7.80$

Weight: 1.14g

The Graphic Lips pencils are available in 8 shades.

The packaging style is the same old black ZOEVA design with an elegant finish like the product mentioned above. Each shade has it's colour marked on the bottom side of the box.

The pencils have a great texture, not too creamy, but easy to work with. The product is very pigmented and long-lasting, and important to say that it's usable also with lip balm, without using any lipsticks.

I can recommend these pencils, because they work well and are affordable. I'll definitely buy more shades in the future.

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