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ZOEVA - Strobe Gel

Hi! I'm here with a new product review. Today, I'll be reviewing the Strobe Gel from Zoeva. It wasn't a random choice. If you're one of my followers, you could have seen my last makeup look, where I felt a notion to try out this beauty product. I had a plan to work with pink shades, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you to check it. ;)

Price: 13£ - 14€ - 17$

Weight: 15ml

The Strobe Gel is available in 6 shades: EOS, NOVA, PARHELIA, AUREOLE, CORONA, HALO.

I bought the EOS, which is a pink shade with silvery reflects for 5.94£ from Cult Beauty. I didn't plan to buy it, but for such a good price, I had to test it. I have a lot of products from this brand and for the most of them I can really say I was satisfied. Unfortunately the actual price if not counting any dedicated sales is different. I checked it and the product is no longer available on Cult Beauty, but it's still available on the official Zoeva Cosmetics site. If you're interested in the product, it isn't a bad idea to wait for a good sell out and buy it directly from them.

How it worked out for me? I recommend to work with fingers. I think it's the best and easiest way to apply it. I tried this out last week on my lovely blonde model, and we used it on her cheeks, the Cupid´s bone, on the nose and collarbone. It gives the applied area a wet effect a little bit, but it can be used as a base of any powdery highlighter, too.

I know it's not important, but I like that the product always looks like a new and untouched gel. It returns to its original form every time you use it.

It isn't a must have product in a makeup bag and you can definitely live without the Strobe Gel. I can recommend it only for the ones willing to experiment and to all makeup addicts like myself and most probably to you, my followers.

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